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Insider Navigation


Lena Miglbauer

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Stubenbastei 10/6a


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Insider Navigation

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Insider Navigation, a Vienna-based large-scale Augmented Reality company, founded in 2014, is the first company to offer AR-based indoor positioning for industrial solutions, which has been operationally in use for years. Based on their tracking platform, Insider Navigation has developed ready-made solutions of which the most used are maintenance & defect management and intra-logistics tracking of forklifts.

The technology is valued in various sectors such as aviation, automotive manufacturers or facility management. Among the well-known customers are Volkswagen, Ford, JLL, Magna Steyr and many more.

Background And Achievements:

The company, with 16 employees, has recorded international successes as well as national awards such as the “Mercur Innovation Award” or “Born Global Champion” designation.

Challenges For AR:

Many customers are unaware of the benefits and applications of AR. They don’t know where they can use it efficiently and where AR can help them optimize processes.

Why AR:

AR is definitely the future. We hink in the next years, we will witness the transformation of manufacturing as companies adopt Augmented Reality apps as a day-to-day tool to gather real-time operational insights, improve maintenance and servicing, design in 3D, reduce staff onboarding costs, and develop powerful remote collaboration platforms without the need to have teams in close proximity.


Any system can be connected like SAP, IBM, Salesforce, etc, but works also stand-alone

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