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Since 2010, Upskill, formerly APX Labs, has been the market leader in developing wearable technology for the hands-on workforce. Upskill’s Skylight software product runs on many types of devices, integrates with existing business systems, and is used today in a wide range of industrial operations including manufacturing, field service, maintenance and material handling.

Background and Achievements

Skylight helps enterprises create a connected workplace through smart glasses by giving hands-free access to critical applications and information within workers’ field of view, without disrupting the flow of work. Skylight is a hardware-agnostic software platform that can integrate with existing and custom enterprise systems including those from Microsoft, SAP, and others.

Since its founding, Upskill has been selected as one of the original five Google Glass at Work partners. It was recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2014, was a Salesforce Wear founding partner, received the Frost and Sullivan Application Convergence award for wearable technology in 2015 and has been featured at several globally recognized industry events.

Challenges to Be Addressed by AR

Hands-on workers comprise more than half of the employees at most Global 3000 companies and are highly valuable assets. Upskill’s software product, Skylight, helps these companies address longstanding operational issues by:

  • Streamlining complex processes using Workstreams and remote calling
  • Increasing work quality by enabling workers in the field to receive expert help through “see what I see” functionality
  • Allowing users to capture and view media on smart glasses or watches and share with other users
  • Viewing live data feeds by connecting to external systems or sensors with info panels to create a fully connected worker experience

Why AR Is a Strategic Area

Upskill believes that AR and the connected worker is the future of manufacturing and global business. Workers empowered with wearables in a connected environment have improved work quality and error reduction, reduced downtown between tasks and are able to perform complex tasks with remote help that used to require specialized, expert resources.

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