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Ankur Talwar

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[email protected]

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+61 2 8448 2018

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821 Pacific Highway 2005, Tower A, Zenith Tower
Sydney, NSW, 2122


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HART RXR is a young and innovative Australian technology company and a pioneering provider of AR SaaS solutions. We pride ourselves on our expertise in the realm of Extended Reality (XR) with our solutions spanning devices from smart glasses to the most advanced Head Mounted Displays (HMD). With our AR-based cross-industry enterprise-grade solutions, we seek to change the way we all interact with our world.


Background And Achievements

  • Developed AR SaaS and PaaS for B2B and B2G
  • Cross-platform (Apple, Google, Microsoft) compatible B2C solutions
  • Cross-device (mobile, laptop/desktop, smart glasses, HoloLens) compatible solutions
  • Cross-industry ( Education, Agriculture, MRO and more) solutions
  • Internally-developed platform for scalability and ease of deployment

Challenges to be Addressed by AR

  • Bridging the social divide
  • Bridging distances
  • Democratizing technology
  • Revolutionizing education

Why AR is a Strategic Area

At HART RXR, we firmly believe that AR has the potential to make the same positive impact on enterprises as the Internet revolution did in the late 1990s and early 2000s. AR provides an opportunity for organizations to transform so many of their functional areas that it is increasingly imperative for them to treat AR as a strategic initiative so they can realize its full potential. At HART RXR, we are no different; we treat AR as one of the strategic trends that enable us to be honest to our mission statement while providing an excellent vehicle for our growth.

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