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HART Influencers


Dhaval Chaganti

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HART Influencers

HART Influencers

HART Influencers is a boutique consulting firm established with the aim of providing quality consulting and solutions to organisations in Australia and New Zealand. Our approach is to provide value solutions enabled by a team of experts with global experience in the latest trends and technologies of the world, enabling our clients to remain at the bleeding edge of innovation. HART Influencers naturally embraced AR, identifying it as one of the key enablers to keep it and its partners ahead of the curve. We provide solutions, consultancy and creations that ensure our clients get an enterprise AR architecture that works for them and in perfect harmony with other technologies and trends, including AI and robotics.

Background And Achievements

HART Influencers has just begun its AR journey. We have started to create our first AR solutions, entered into partnerships with universities and device manufacturers, and have started to create awareness among our enterprise customers.

Beyond AR, our most recent major achievement has been the creation and implementation of an Enterprise IT Architecture strategy and roadmap for one of the largest broadband infrastructure projects of the world. We have also been instrumental in delivering digital transformation for one of the key central government departments of Australia.

Challenges to be Addressed by AR

Key challenges we expect AR to address include:

  • “Shattering the Window” and making the entire world a canvas for the working environment
  • Enhancing collaboration experiences to make them as good as real.
  • Making dissemination of information an easy and interactive task while reducing the need for heavy hardware and infrastructural investments.
  • The challenge of static currently faced by a lot of entertainment and experience providers

Why AR is a Strategic Area

AT HART we firmly believe that AR has the potential to have the same impact on enterprises as the Internet revolution did in the late 1990s and early 2000s. AR provides an opportunity for organisations to transform so many of their functional areas that it almost becomes imperative for them to treat AR as a strategic initiative so that they can realise its full potential. At HART, we are no different; we treat AR as one of the strategic trends that enable us to be honest to our mission statement while providing an excellent vehicle for our growth.

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