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EXO Insights Corp


Fernando Muniz Simas

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295 Hagey Blvd
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EXO Insights

EXO Insights helps global companies drive their workforce’s full performance potential in high-risk, mission-critical environments where safety and precision are top priorities, using advanced AR/VR systems. EXO Insights measures the “how” of work, allowing workers and training leaders to improve their knowledge and work capacity.

Our EXO Biometrics solution transforms and builds on existing industrial safety and training standards to move organizations past traditional training methods, building worker capacity for informed and accurate decision-making in high-stress situations while increasing behavioural awareness and improving judgement.

The EXO Analytics engine consolidates trainee’s knowledge and behavioural data to provide organizations with actionable insights to address industrial safety and productivity while improving operational efficiency to minimize the risk of revenue threatening events and operative downtime due to critical errors.

Background And Achievements:

EXO was founded in 2010 to develop VR and AR applications for the Shopper Marketing Research sector. Initial success led to an ever-increasing focus on Human behaviour as a precursor to Human Performance Improvement. EXO has established its HQ in Ontario Canada in 2016 and since then have been working with the Nuclear Generation and Defence sector in the deployment of Human Performance indicators in these areas.

Challenges For AR:

Human Performance Improvement in Mission-critical High-risk activities where precision and safety are fundamental.

Why AR:

We have witnessed the life-changing, productivity and safety improvement AR provides various industries, and we want to be a part of this revolution.

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