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Contextere is an Internet of Things (IoT) software company developing the 21st century industrial workforce. Using human-centric machine learning and intelligent context generation we are creating a mobile personal assistant for the industrial workforce—empowering the augmented worker.

Background and Achievements

Formed in July 2015, Contextere is a startup building upon the experiences and vision of its leadership team. The principals of Contextere each have over 25 years of experience in simulation, location-based software and mobile technologies for aerospace, defense and industrial applications.

Challenges to Be Addressed by AR

Today’s employee is overwhelmed by data yet lacks all the relevant information to execute. Over half of their time is spent on non-productive activities. Successful utilization of complex equipment requires human intervention and automated, actionable data at the point of service. Data at the point of action will render workers more efficient, reducing unplanned downtime and saving lives. By combining Augmented Reality and other mobile technologies, Contextere’s platform enhances human performance and increases operational equipment efficiency.

Why AR Is a Strategic Area

The potential of the industrial Internet of Things is best realized when massive connectivity and data generation benefits employees in their daily work. Providing just the right information, appropriate to one’s activity and context, increases the employee’s productivity and reduces errors. Augmenting an individual’s work experience with information at the right place and right time will enable them to understand their environment and conduct their activities more effectively and safely.

Augmented Reality in the broadest sense—visual, aural, and tactile cues and natural user interfaces on multiple devices and platforms—can deliver value to many industries and is a strategic element of the Contextere solution.

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