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contextere is transforming the future of work using AI to deliver actionable intelligence to the last tactical mile, empowering your workforce and improving asset performance. We work in the field with customers to meet challenges head-on, supporting digital transformation, driving connected worker initiatives, and deploying our products to produce results for today and tomorrow.

Background and Achievements

Over the past 30 years, our founders have integrated transformational and disruptive technology into Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. More specifically, our Chief Executive Officer, Gabe Batstone, and Chief Strategy Officer, Carl Byers, have founded and led market leaders such as NAVTEQ, CAE, and NGRAIN. They also have extensive experience in technology development and R&D in modeling and simulation, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Our team is well versed in mission-critical enterprise systems and relationships. And as an organization, we understand enterprise reliability, trust, and mission-critical processes. We are not on this mission alone; our investor BMW, our flagship customer Lockheed Martin and our strategic partner Samsung are testaments to our ability to help clients transform their businesses by harnessing the revolutionary impact of AI.

Challenges to be addressed by AR

Shifting demographics, disruptive technology and a lack of skilled labor are creating a global skills gap. This gap continues to widen and negatively impact companies’ bottom lines. As a result, there’s an imminent challenge for companies to increase productivity and first-time-right rates while reducing time-to-proficiency. AR will be a key tool for companies to address these challenges and close the skills gap.

Why AR is a Strategic Area

The differentiating value of AR is its ability to present information to the user in context. In the workplace, AR can leverage contextual awareness and big data to provide workers with additional information to help them do their jobs more effectively. When AI is applied to this dataset, insights that were not previously available can be accessed and redistributed to workers through AR wearables or mobile devices.

As AR and smart technology are increasingly integrated into workplaces, more jobs will be augmented by these devices. This will automate certain tasks within jobs, empowering many workers to move up the skill-chain—making them more productive for the company and more marketable for themselves. Ultimately, you will be able to take someone of a certain proficiency and augment their knowledge and quality of work to levels which were previously only accessible through time and experience.

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