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Augumenta develops intuitive and interactive Augmented Reality applications and tools for enterprises. Our application suite offers enterprises new ways to control and monitor operations, access IoT data, and train a highly skilled workforce. With user-friendly apps and an easy-to-use customization tool, we offer a fast and cost-efficient way to deploy industrial AR today.

Background And Achievements

Founded in 2012, the company originally set out to tackle the lack of user-friendly interaction methods with wearable devices. After successfully launching the Augumenta Interaction Platform SDK for AR software developers and enterprises, we quickly noticed new needs in the marketplace. AR was considered an effective tool for enterprise use cases but finding easy ways to deploy the technology was a challenge for companies. Our answer to the problem was to develop off-the-shelf apps that run on any type of smart glasses and a tool that allows enterprises to easily customize these apps for their own use. The new solution was well received; Augumenta was a Hermes Award finalist that same year and later won the 5GFWD Hackathon Nokia challenge.

Augumenta has been recognized as one of the leading Augmented Reality SDK providers in the world. With several OEM partners and over 200 companies engaged with us, we are an experienced and reliable provider of enterprise AR solutions.

Challenges to be Addressed by AR

Digitization is bringing massive changes to enterprises’ operations and huge pressures to find the right technologies to stay competitive in the future. Augmented Reality is one of the Industry 4.0 key technologies and the vital piece in making IoT data visual, interactive and usable in real time on the factory shop floor and in the field.

Why AR is a Strategic Area

We want to provide enterprises with simple and cost-effective ways to adopt intuitive AR technology by developing off-the-shelf software and tools. Our target is to offer a selection of AR applications with such features and customizability that enterprises do not need to launch extensive and costly NRE projects to deploy AR. By making our software device-agnostic, we give our customers the freedom to choose the best hardware and easily adjust to fast-developing technology.

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