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AfterNow is an award-winning Mixed Reality design and development studio based in Culver City, California. We are building the future of spatial computing. Our mission is to enhance how humans interact with machines to work, play and socialize.

AfterNow specializes in envisioning, designing, and building Mixed Reality applications for Microsoft’s HoloLens (1 and 2), iOS, Magic Leap and Quest. We enable businesses and content creators to leverage the immersive cutting-edge power of Mixed Reality to provide engaging, entertaining, memorable and impactful storytelling and presentations to their audiences.

AfterNow’s AR presentation products have been utilized by some of the world’s leading companies, including Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies in health care, aeronautics, food, telecommunication, entertainment, and education. Our work has been covered by top media publications including: Variety, VRScout, Mashable, UploadVR, and NextReality. Our team is passionate about doing our part to usher in a new era in which Mixed and Virtual Reality applications will be commonplace among consumers and businesses.

Background and Achievements

AfterNow was invited by Microsoft to provide early user feedback to the HoloLens team in 2015 before its launch. As a long-term Microsoft partner, the AfterNow team has played a significant role in the industry as experts in providing Mixed Reality design and development services for innovation, R&D and C-Suite level leadership of Fortune 50/Fortune 500 enterprises.

Products we have developed include: Blocker, an AR director’s viewfinder for filmmakers; and AfterNow Prez, a 3D AR presentation tool that makes it easy for anyone to create immersive presentations.

Most of the work we do is under strict non-disclosure agreements. Projects we have worked on include:

  • A HoloLens-based medical device for doctors in operating rooms
  • A drone flight management holographic table
  • A 5G virtual assistant for bike maintenance
  • Battlefield visualization on a holographic table
  • Interactive sales tool for selling planes
  • A “Future of Health” AR presentation for a Fortune 50 client
  • Designing the first spatial web Magic Leap app
  • Several AR immersive presentations for sales teams

We are an official Microsoft partner for Mixed Reality and have a great relationship with the HoloLens team.

Challenges to be Addressed by AR

AR has proven its value across a range of industries and use cases. However, some obstacles must be overcome in order for AR to reach its full promise. A variety of hardware constraints currently limit the realism and immersion of augmented reality holograms and platforms.

Within the next decade, smartphone hardware technologies must improve in order to overcome these constraints and create fully immersive AR. Despite these limitations, AR has shown its utility for companies seeking to create engaging communications, plan for complex processes, provide more effective remote expertise and many other use cases.

Security is another area that must be addressed for many industries; with the advent of new communication technologies like AR, a new range of security risks, some foreseen and unforeseen, will become evident. AfterNow is dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of AR technologies by creating feature-rich software solutions that leverage the latest in hardware and security capabilities.

Why AR is a Strategic Area

AR enterprise use cases have already demonstrated streamlined processes, resource savings, the elimination of burdensome steps and other advantages. As AR headset devices like Microsoft’s HoloLens continue to be adopted by businesses, it will become increasingly essential for companies to experiment and research potential AR applications in order to stay competitive.

Within the next three to five years, AR adoption is expected to rise dramatically, and the businesses that successfully learn and adopt the technology first will be ahead of the curve for their particular industries. With a focus on industrial needs, AfterNow’s products continue to facilitate the transition from 2D smartphones and laptops to the ubiquitous, unrestricted power of 3D AR.

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