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3D Studio Blomberg


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+358 10 3221390

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3D Studio Blomberg LTD.
Klemetinkatu 17 C – FI-65100 VAASA


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3D Studio Blomberg (3DS)

3D Studio Blomberg (3DS) is a pioneer in industrial visualization and their core expertise and experience lie in holistic visual communications. Their tools and solutions span use cases from R&D to marketing, sales, installation and operation as well as after sales and internal and external training. Through innovative visualization, we promote process efficiency, expert knowledge and overall quality.

Background and Achievements

Since forming in 2001, 3D Studio Blomberg has been a forerunner in advanced data delivery and display systems. 3D Studio Blomberg is also involved in Finnish national R&D projects for AR. In parallel with an active R&D portfolio, the company is productizing its core capabilities into commercial solutions. 3D Studio tools bring enhanced visualization possibilities to customers with support for project management, edge competence and short or long term scalable products and services.

Challenges to Be Addressed by AR

Many enterprise processes are inefficient and lack the power to visually communicate to their audiences and end users the full purpose or value of products or services. Furthermore, many people do not interact with visual information in intuitive ways.

We believe that Augmented Reality technology has enormous potential as a unique and versatile visual communication tool to improve product design and engineering, training, service and customer relationship management. For example, Augmented Reality can be applied to help design better products or projects, to improve internal and external company operations as well as increase brand identity and sales.

To tap the full potential, we must address challenges that lie in merging the AR technology and production pipeline with global business infrastructures and corporate information systems.

Using Augmented Reality within these corporate information systems will allow for explicit knowledge to be utilized in new and efficient ways, utilizing mobile and wearable-related 3D tracking technologies, sensors and depth cameras.

3DS Visual Tools & Solutions will address certain obstacles that face those creating new and innovative business models and will offer higher efficiency for many operational groups.

Why AR is a Strategic Area

Augmented Reality is a megatrend that emerges naturally from the very large process of digital disruption brought about by advances in networks, sensors, the Internet of Things and new display and computing devices. Most companies will have the opportunity, sooner or later, to introduce Augmented Reality into their workflows and enterprise information systems as a visualization technique. It opens up the possibility for new and innovative business models to emerge.

We also believe that Augmented Reality will promote new dimensions throughout the entire value chain and lifecycle of complex and simple products. By applying AR to future products and services, companies will benefit from improved operations, boosting their brands as well as their sales.

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