zLense Simplifies Virtual Sets to a Single Camera Attachment

zLense is a new depth-mapping camera system that can capture 3D data and scenery from what it’s pointed at in real-time – and use this to add CG elements  to the footage.

Aimed primarily at broadcasters and film productions, the technology processes the 3D space information of what’s in front of the camera – enabling production teams to create 3D effects and use CG in live TV or pre-recorded transmissions. Technically, this isn’t “true” Augmented Reality, but the same technology could be applied for different use cases if it proves successful and cost-effective.

Developed by Zinemath, the zLense Virtual Production platform combines depth-sensing technology and image-processing in a standalone camera rig that captures the 3D scene and camera movement. You can see it in action in Zinemath’s video below.

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