What is the right Remote Support and Collaboration Tool for you? By Reflekt

AREA member Re’flekt considers what is the right remote support and collaboration tool for your business and explains the key differences between video conferencing and Remote AR Support.

In times where travel restrictions remain and work-from-home arrangements are the new normal, video conferencing software like Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom and many others help us bring our meeting culture online. The real challenge lies in introducing remote collaboration to remaining business operations where the workforce is required on-site to keep industrial facilities running. In matters of urgency, many businesses turn to remote collaboration tools they know and have in place already – only to find out that those are not made for industrial use when maintaining or repairing machinery.

We thought it’s time to shine a light on the differences between conferencing software and remote support tools as well as why both are crucial for remote collaboration in industrial businesses: One for on-screen teamwork in online documents, the other for off-screen support on real machinery.

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