Taqtile Manifest and MS Azure Using 5G To Transform Frontline Workers Jobs.

5G is the latest generation of wireless telecommunications technology when teamed with Taqtile Manifest and the MS Azure cloud it has the power to transform frontline workers jobs.

Many frontline workers need to implement out of control action plans. These events require immediate action and can occur regularly. Traditional procedures even at some of the most advanced facilities direct workers to the paper binder and the appropriate responsive actions. This is fraught with issues.

5G technology will lower latency of wireless connection to a delay that is virtually undetected by humans.

It should be no surprise that digital transformation is providing tools to address such scenarios.

Simply digitising information and storing it in the MS Azure cloud or making it available on a tablet are big steps in the right direction.

AREA member Taqtile’s spatial computing solution, Manifest, is addressing these issues on the next level. Their solution makes job instruction information used for task guidance nad training, maintenance and diagnostics, accessible via a head mounted spatial computer such as MS HoloLens 2.

Further reading includes the original article by Kelly Malone, Chief Revenue Office at Taqtile on page 88 of the Spring issue of The Record and view Taqtile’s AREA member profile. 

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