Samsung Files Contact Lens Patent

A recent research report by Sammobile and Galaxy Club states that mobile giant Samsung has filed a patent in South Korea for a smart contact lens fitted with a camera and image display. The patent was first filed in September 2014 but has only been publicly available recently. This version of Augmented Reality wearable tech could potentially overcome obstacles presented by smart glasses.

The application blue print contact lens designs contain sensors controlled by the blink of an eye in conjunction with processing completed by the wearer’s smartphone via wireless connection to the contact lens. The contact lens would be fitted with a tiny display, a camera, an antenna, and several sensors to detect movement controlled by blinking. Images would be directly projected into the wearer’s eye. The user would be able to complete functions such as taking photographs by blinking.

The patent contains early blueprint designs of the lens, however, there is no evidence that the application has been granted. Google has previously applied for similar patents for ophthalmic lenses that featured flexible electronics including sensors and an antenna, which makes this an unobtrusive wearable to watch for the future.

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