RE’FLEKT Augmented Reality in Medical

Very soon we’ll be featuring a blog post featuring the work of AREA member RE’FLEKT in more detail. Here RE’FLEKT shares two case studies on their website on how AR can be used in medical environments.


The challenge was that the assembly of medical devices requires intense training and experience. At the same time Operating Procedures (OP) documentation lacks user-friendly guidance for medical staff and trainees. A quality event can pose significant financial and credibility risks for payers.

Assembly instructions are not user-friendly without visual representation of work steps

Complex operating procedures cause long on-boarding of new operators

Quality System Regulation requires easy-to-follow work instructions for assembly

The solution is simplified AR Training
Take the most crucial parts of your instructions and visualize them with Augmented Reality. Build your own AR-guides with the right mixture of videos, text and images. Make training content available instantly – in the right place, at the right time, on the right device.

Read more on the RE’FLEKT blog and download their whitepaper on Enterprise Training with Augmented Reality

Their solution promises:

90% lower risk of human errors
60% faster training and on-boarding times
40% fewer errors in changeover
25% faster line changeover time

Read more on the RE’FLEKT website and their AREA member page.

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