Picking the right wearables for work

In industrial use cases wearables come with a promise of productivity improvement and increasing worker capabilities. How can smartwatches and smartglasses be of assistance to you?  In a blog piece by AREA member Augumenta their experts help businesses decide what to look for when considering purchasing enterprise and industrial wearables.

Wearables are an efficient method of bringing real-time information right within the reach of a worker. The Augumenta SmartAlert wearables app is designed to keep people up-to-date while working on the shop floor or on the field. The app supports smartwatches and all smart AR glasses that are commercially available on the market.


“The impact of technology on work has always been double-sided. Some technologies have eliminated jobs and displaced workers; others have made workers more productive. Making workers more productive and more capable is the promise of wearable technologies.”

Deloitte Insights article, July 2018

The term wearables can be defined as any tech that you wear on you and that allows you to receive and send data. Since this article focuses on our apps we limit this rather wide concept to two types of interactive devices, glasses and watches. In some use cases, a lighter version of the app and a simpler device offer an optional low-barrier route forward. In others, deploying more than one wearable supports the usage of more holistic solutions. So, if the target is to provide people on the shop-floor or the field with accurate, timely data that they truly need, which device type should one choose to use?

Topics covered in the article related to industrial AR include:

  • Which to use to stay informed – smart-glasses or smartwatches
  • With binocular AR goggles
  • SmartAlert app
  • Monoculars benefits and drawbacks
  • Why choose a smartwatch?

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