Mano-a-Mano Proposes User Interaction for Collaborative Use Cases


Collaborative use cases will be important in enterprise AR, however, the user experience is likely to be confusing and difficult to master. Microsoft Research staff members Andy Wilson and Hrvoje Benko presented the Mano-a-Mano project at the ACM User Interface Software and Technology conference.

Mano-a-Mano is a unique spatial augmented reality system that combines dynamic projection mapping, multiple perspective views and device-less interaction to support face to face, or dyadic, interaction with 3D virtual objects. Its main advantage over more traditional AR approaches, such as handheld devices with composited graphics or see-through head worn displays, is that users are able to interact with 3D virtual objects and each other without cumbersome devices that obstruct face to face interaction. Read the full ACM UIST article for more details.

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