Logistiview Announces Partnership With Fetch Robotics

AREA member LogistiVIEW, a leader in AR connected workforce technology, today announced its partnership with Fetch Robotics. LogistiVIEW will integrate Fetch’s Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and associated software with LogistiVIEW’s Connected Worker Platform, which is designed to enable the low-skill or no-skill workforce.

The integration will enable robot-assisted processes to achieve a level of complexity and scale that rivals traditional fixed automation, at a lower cost and with never-before-seen flexibility.

“We intend to change the narrative around how robots will impact the logistics industry,” says Seth Patin, CEO of LogistiVIEW. “It’s not about replacing humans.  Rather, robots represent an opportunity to completely rethink automation with a focus on cost-effective and flexible alternatives to expensive fixed assets.

With Fetch technology, LogistiVIEW is expanding its Flexible Automation Platform offerings to replace full conveyor systems with software-defined automation.  In the not-so-distant future, the only steel bolted to the floor will be structural and movement of robots, people, and products will be dynamically orchestrated by AI.  We’re excited to take this significant step forward in that journey with this partnership.”

The objective of the partnership is to allow warehouses to automate in a more flexible way, based on AI-enabled interactions between workers and the robotic solutions used in distribution centers.  For many years, expensive, fixed automation has been the only option for scaling product movement.  Now, LogistiVIEW is connecting workers with robotics through AI to enable enhanced coordination of people, process, and technology. As a result, warehouses will be able to move more product, with greater complexity, to achieved scaled flexible automation.

LogistiVIEW demonstrated its Connected Worker Platform technology at the 10th annual AWE 2019 conference in Santa Clara, CA.

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