Enterprise Augmented Reality is Part of Business Transformation

Magazines and journals are increasingly introducing Augmented Reality to their readers. We cover these introductions regularly, finding a lot of diversity in the approach, depth and accuracy of how the concept of AR is introduced. In this feature length article in 360-The Business Transformation Journal, the authors dedicate nearly 30% of their beautifully laid out space to the history and conceptual frameworks of Augmented Reality. And they get a “gold star” for quality in every respect.

The article then proceeds to explain the business value of Augmented Reality for industry in general and the specific projects that have been implemented in Marenco Swisshelicopter AG with the new SKYe SH09 model. Lessons learned and business analyses are worthy of a respected journal such as the one that invited these authors to contribute to its December 2014 issue. Recommended reading.

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