DOCOMO Open Development Kit for Wearable Devices

NTT DOCOMO introduced its Device Connect WebAPI, an open-source API to enable smartphone apps and web contents to control various wearable devices for healthcare and other solutions, as well as to collect data from these devices. The Device Connect WebAPI supports publishing and retrieving data to and from devices from different manufacturers.

For example, a developer could link a wristband device of one manufacturer to operate another manufacturer’s smart glasses, and likewise retrieve data collected from a pedometer and a bodyweight scale, and then integrate the data for display with a single application or web browser. Browser-based device control and data collection are enabled by DOCOMO’s proprietary server-virtualization technologies running on smartphones. The Device Connect WebAPI utilizes technology that is proposed for standardization as a Generic Open Terminal API of the Open Mobile Alliance, the industry forum that is driving mobile-service standardization. Also, DOCOMO is collaborating with leading smart-glasses developers Seiko Epson, Vuzix, and WESTUNITIS to develop and verify highly enhanced functions for these devices. Learn more about Device Connect WebAPI on GitHub.

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