Bosch Mobile Architect Believes AR and Smart Glasses will Revolutionize Manufacturing

During the SAP 2014 SAPPHIRE event in Orland, Florida, a panel included Bosch global mobile architect Sascha Markus. Markus asserted that IoT will be one of the biggest trends driving new innovations in industries like manufacturing.

“In five years we’ll see new device types, watches, glasses, anything you can imagine that will all be connected and sharing and bringing information to users,” he said. “This is great as connected devices have the potential to help our users and customers in a lot of ways.”

Markus highlighted Bosch’s success deploying Android smart glasses to its warehouse workers as proof of the industry potential for wearables and connected devices.

“We saw in our production sites we had lots of paper processes and had 150 SAP installations. With this setup, our workers just had desktops and were still printing off work orders, going to the warehouse and physically scanning the items there. This is not efficient,” he said.

“We thought, ‘let’s add smart glass to increase productivity and remove the paper process.’ We now provide workers with a smartphone and an Android smart glass to execute the process in the warehouse and have seen great success. Augmented Reality is the next step in industries like this.” Read more in this blog post.


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