Bosch Announces Expanded Support for Augmented Reality in Automotive Service, Repair and Training

AREA member Robert Bosch has been investing resources and significant effort in its Augmented Reality solutions for several years. The key to making it widespread and easy to deploy by its automotive industry customers and internally in Bosch business units is integration with existing information and technical documentation systems. The company has announced in this press release that it has released a new version of its Common Augmented Reality Platform (CAP), introduced in 2014.

Out of the box, the Bosch Common Augmented Reality Platform CAP can be configured with a comprehensive database from which it extracts content for visualization in Augmented Reality view. In addition to written information and explanations in text format, the updated platform supports video clips, photos, safety instructions with audio clips, 3D models, circuit diagrams, technical drawings and markers for configuration of tracking. Also noteworthy that the cross-platform system is modular and independent of specific tracking or rendering techniques.   

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