Bosch Acquires Stake in Augmented Reality Provider Reflekt GmbH

Bosch has announced that it plans to acquire a minority stake in Reflekt GmbH, a provider of Augmented Reality services and software with which it has been working for the past two years.

In the press release issued by Bosch Dr. Eng. Hans-Peter Meyen, Member of the Divisional Board of the Bosch Automotive Aftermarket division is quoted as predicting that enterprise Augmented Reality in all industries and, more specifically, in the automotive aftermarket, will save time and reduce costs. The release goes on to describe the Common Application Platform (CAP) developed by the two partners. As part of the total solution for enterprise and industry customers, Bosch offers licensing of the CAP system combined with consulting, engineering and complete authoring services.

Automotive industry news outlets covered the announcement, demonstrating the interest level in this development. In light of the global media coverage and high interest in the latest automotive technology industry trends at CES, visitors may see demonstrations and learn more about the Bosch Automotive Aftermarket division’s Augmented Reality system in the Bosch CES booth in Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall.

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