Augmented Reality Speeds Up Aviation Industry

This week at the Paris Air Show aviation companies from around the world made hundreds of announcements and showcased the industry’s latest advancements in exhibition space and out of doors. Leading airplane manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus, have been using Augmented Reality for years in pilot programs but the technology has rarely been integrated in production procedures.

Things are finally changing. According to Bruno Le Moal, Managing Director for Aerospace and Defense at Accenture and the spokesperson interviewed in the video featured on this short post on the EuroNews site, the use of Augmented Reality and wearables is increasing and even having an impact on the bottom lines by dramatically reducing the time to perform some activities without reducing quality.

Boosting industry-wide production of planes from 600 to over 1000 planes per year, says Le Moal, is the measurable goal of adopting Augmented Reality as well as other new technologies introduced at this year’s event, in the factory.

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