As the Metaverse & AR Mature, Will They Fall Into Tech’s Common Silos

Watch The AREA’s Christine Perey interviewed at Augmented World Expo 2021 (AWE) by Dan Cui, the host of MarketScale’s Spatial Perspectives.

As the world of AR and the Metaverse matures, the ability for software and hardware products to integrate with one another becomes a huge factor in the adoption and use of these technologies.

Dan chats with Christine Perey, the founder and principal analyst of Perey Research & Consulting and founder of The AREA, on how history reflects tech’s tendency to embrace operational and hardware silos, and why siloed products cause significant inefficiencies and increase cost.

Abridged Thoughts:

“[Interoperability in the AR world] is the ability for components, software, hardware, services from any vendor, to be able to exchange data without the user needing to concern themselves with who made that part, and so it’s the ability for multiple vendors to combine parts and their customers also to be able to combine parts into new and unique ways and come up with new, innovative solutions that solve a specific problem.

And so the interoperability also allows the market to go to scale because you’re no longer going to be focusing only on one use case or only on one component of the whole system. You can take your component into many, many different pieces of hardware, for example, something I know a lot about, or software; you could take your content and deliver it on any browser, any player.”

– Christine Perey 


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