Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

Research Committee Further Information

The AREA is uniquely placed to provide neutral processes, guidance, legal ownership of and funding opportunities for research. This charter permits the research committee to define and manage research projects to the benefit of its members, the AR in Enterprise industry and the Continual Advancement of AR Technologies which is often difficult to implement by any single company. The AREA Research Committee also supports members’ exchange of knowledge, discussion of research activities organized by and for members.

Research committee responsibilities

Take a look at the information video below for more on the aims and purpose of the committee.


The Research Committee is chaired by Christine Perey, PEREY Research & Consulting.

And, within the Research Committee:


Any person in the employment of an AREA member organization in good standing can request to join the Research Committee. Participants’ e-mail addresses are added to the committee mailing list, receive calendar invitations to monthly meetings, are recognized during roll call and invited to contribute to the discussion on any agenda item. In addition, members are encouraged to serve in a leadership capacity in a variety of ways, as time and interest permit.

Reasons to participate


The AREA Research Committee has produced the following reports and white papers:

In addition, the following technical reports and resources have been published by the AREA in partnership with third parties:


The AREA Research Committee regularly hosts webinars about research topics and trends.

Member-exclusive webinars available are:

Publicly available webinars are currently:

Upcoming webinars:

Ongoing initiatives

The AREA Research Committee is supporting members and the enterprise AR ecosystem through the following initiatives:

To find out more, please contact Christine Perey.

Research Suppliers

The AREA Research Committee is pleased to have the opportunity to work with the following research organizations:

  1. Brainwaive LLC on the Wearable AR security project
  2. Strategy Analytics on the Measuring AR ROI project
  3. The Manufacturing Technology Centre on the Safety and Human Factors project
  4. xReality Lab @ Universität der Bundeswehr on the AR Adoption in Manufacturing project
  5. Saverio Romeo, Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Innovation Management Research, Birbeck, University of London

If you’d like to talk to us about the Research Committee or require additional information, please reach out to Christine Perey.