The AR for Enterprise Alliance publishes a newsletter to keep registered visitors informed of our latest activities and content.  Feel free to review past issues as well as to sign up for future issues. AREA members can find the AREA Member Newsletter archive on the AREA member portal page.

May 2017 AREA Newsletter May 2017 AREA Newsletter

Mark Your Calendar for May 17: AREA Webinar on AR and IoT ● Are You Ready for the AREA at AWE? ● Check Out the AREA’s Enterprise AR Functional Requirements Web Page  ● Where to Find Our Members ● BrainXChange Webinar Prepares Enterprises for Wearables ● Industrial AR "About to Take Off" ● AR Supports Remote Surgical Consultation ● Bosch Makes Strides in Automotive AR  ● Now's the Time to Join AREA

March 2017 AREA Newsletter March 2017 AREA Newsletter

The DMDII/AREA Requirements Workshop: A Milestone Event ● Building Your AR SDK Feature Checklist ● What We've Learned Developing AR Solutions ● Enterprise Content is Not Ready for AR ● Where to Find Our Members ● "New Technology is Allowing Us to Do Things We've Only Dreamed Of" ● New AR Surgical Visor Promises Greater Accuracy ● CIO Magazine Promotes AR ● Cognizant Report: AR Boosts Workplace Learning

February 2017 AREA Newsletter February 2017 AREA Newsletter

Inside 3D Capture with VanGogh Imaging ● Mixed Reality is Just One Click Away ● The Shifting AR Software Landscape ● 2018 "An Inflection Point" for AR ● Where to Find Our Members ● Overcoming Barriers to AR ● AR Comes to the Operating Room ● GE's Wearables Challenge 

January 2017 AREA Newsletter January 2017 AREA Newsletter

The AREA Issues RFP for Security Research Project ● Take the AREA’s First Annual AR Survey ● GE’s Sam Murley on AR’s “Tipping Point” ● What to Expect from AR Hardware in 2017 ● Where to Find Our Members ● Smart Classes Have Value in Healthcare ● AR and Holograms in Business ● Themes and Challenges in Enterprise Wearables ● CES 2017 Highlights AR Smart Glasses  

December 2016 AREA Newsletter December 2016 AREA Newsletter

What's Ahead for Augmented Reality in 2017? ● AR and Smart Glasses Market Roundup ● AR Delivers ROI in Agricultural Manufacturing ● Where to Find Our Members ● Enterprises Remain Cautious About AR ● Apple's AR Plans ● Inside GE's "Digital Twins" ● Are Security Concerns the #1 Barrier to AR Adoption? 

November 2016 AREA Newsletter November 2016 AREA Newsletter

Enterprise Augmented Reality Revenues to Surpass Consumer Industry ● Welcome Lockheed Martin to the AREA ● When a Developer Needs to Author AR Experiences ● Where to Find Our Members ● Digitally Assisted Assembly at Factory 2050 ● Calculating ROI for AR Investments: One Approach ● Hyper Training and Future AR Workplace ● AR is Building a Better Future in Construction ● AREA Member BrainXChange Interviews GE Wearables Expert

September 2016 AREA Newsletter September 2016 AREA Newsletter

A Partnership Model for AR Deployments ● Meeting and Managing Enterprise AR Risks ● How OCR Makes Augmented Reality Work Better ● Latest Augmented Reality News ● 5 Challenges that Smart Glasses Must Overcome ● Tell Us About Events ● Join the AREA

August 2016 AREA Newsletter August 2016 AREA Newsletter

What Pokémon Go Means for AR ● Augmented Reality in Aerospace ● AR is the Human Interface to IoT ● Upcoming Events ● Exclusive Discounts to AR Events ● Latest Augmented Reality News ● AR is the Human Interface to IoT ● Join the AREA

July 2016 AREA Newsletter July 2016 AREA Newsletter

Executive Director Reports on First Two Months ● Interview with JoinPad ● 3D Studio Blomberg at AWE ● Research Predicts Upsurge in Wearables ● Startups are Game Changers of AR ● AR in Automotive Industry Forecast ● AREA Webinar: Research & Reports ● AWE Europe '16

June 2016 AREA Newsletter June 2016 AREA Newsletter

New Executive Director Reports on AWE '16 ● Interview with the AMRC ● Smart Glasses Adoption in the Enterprise ● Enterprise Conference Focuses on Wearables ● IoT Solutions World Congress ● Augmented Reality Defined ● The First AR Standards Hackathon ● SAE 2016 Call for Papers ● Laval Virtual Round Table on AR

May 2016 AREA Newsletter May 2016 AREA Newsletter

Augmented Reality for Production and Maintenance ● Augmented Reality and the Gartner Hype Cycle ● Are Smart Glasses in Your Enterprise? ● Enterprise Conference Focuses on Wearables ● Events ● Project Focuses on Factories of the Future ● Use Cases for Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

April 2016 AREA Newsletter April 2016 AREA Newsletter

Augmented Reality and 3D Studio Blomberg ● AR Boosts Efficiency in Logistics ● Unity Gives AR the Nod During Vision Summit 2016 ● Events ● Call for Submissions for tcworld ● Auggie Awards at AWE ● Tell Us about Events

March 2016 AREA Newsletter March 2016 AREA Newsletter

AR is the Human Interface for IIOT ● New AR Case Studies Suggest Productivity Improvement ● Connecting Experts and the Field with XMReality ● Efficiency Climbs Where AR Meets BIM ● Events ● Call for Submissions IoT Solutions World Congress ● Augmented Reality in Aerospace

February 2016 AREA Newsletter February 2016 AREA Newsletter

Enterprise AR Make a Splash at CES ● 5 Smart Glasses Challenges ● Managing Enterprise Augmented Reality Risks ● Events ● Meet our Members at MWC 2016 ● Managing Risk in AR Projects ● Customers in Focus at AWE 2016 ● AWE 2016 Call for Submission

December 2015 AREA Newsletter December 2015 AREA Newsletter

Open and Interoperable AR ● Projection AR ● AR Lowers Errors in Automotive Manufacturing ● Events ● AREA Networking Meeting at CES ● Consumer Technology Association Alliance Community Reception at CES ● AWE 2016 Call for Submissions ● AREA Webinars ● AR Project Survey

November 2015 AREA Newsletter November 2015 AREA Newsletter

Meet the AREA President ● The Augmented Reality Technology Provider Landscape Shifts ● Augmented Reality’s Expanding Role in the Automotive Value Chain ● Events ● Webinar: Selecting Use Cases ● Technical Communicators Must Evolve to Support AR

October 2015 AREA Newsletter October 2015 AREA Newsletter

Meet the AREA Members ● Starting the Enterprise AR Conversation ● Newport News Shipbuilding Use Cases ● Events ● Selecting Initial Use Cases for Enterprise AR ● Where to Find Our Members ● AREA Webinars ● The Sikorsky Innovation and Entrepreneurial Challenge

September 2015 AREA Newsletter September 2015 AREA Newsletter

Welcome to the Inaugural Newsletter ● Explore the AREA Website ● The AREA Balances Vision and Pragmatism about AR ● Where and How to Find AREA Members ● The AREA Inaugural Webinar