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Rolls Royce sees Augmented Reality in Future Shipping Technology

Dec 14 2014

Autonomous ocean-going vessels are soon going to be commercially available according to Rolls Royce. In a video developed by Rolls...

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Augmented Reality in Future International Space Station Pre-flight and Post-flight Operations

Dec 12 2014

The International Space Station is a testbed for new technologies. The primary objective of the mission begun December 15 and...

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Poor Communication Continues Confusion about Augmented Reality and Enterprise Use Cases

Dec 11 2014

In this feature article on, a portal for the Nordic IT consultancy group, Augmented Reality is introduced for the...

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Fujitsu Releases Video Featuring Augmented Reality

Dec 10 2014

In this newly translated video released by Fujitsu the company explains the basic principles of Augmented Reality and showcases projects...

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Thinkware Introduces Augmented Reality-assisted Navigation System

Dec 3 2014

Thinkware, a mature Korean business providing IT for driver assistance has been shipping the award-winning DashCam products (special cameras for...

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China Unveils More Advance Smart Glasses at 1/3 Price of Google Glasses

Nov 30 2014

China has unveiled Reed Glass, a locally manufactured pair of smart glasses at the China International Industrial Design Fair in...

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Google Glass Assists Automotive Quality Inspectors

Nov 27 2014

Quality inspectors in the Greer (South Carolina, USA) BMW plant have completed a pilot study on the use of Google...

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Honor Confirms Pans to Enter the Wearables Market

Nov 27 2014

Huawei spin-off Honor has confirmed plans to enter the wearables space amid rumors of an inbound Google Glass rival.

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Policies for Wearable Display Technology at Work Need Clarification

Nov 24 2014

Some employers will introduce AR-assisted workflows to improve operational efficiencies and they will dictate the platform hardware and software in...

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Technical Illusions Ships Hands-free AR Display to Backers

Nov 23 2014

A year after it raised $1 million on Kickstarter, the castAR team led by ex-Valve engineers Jeri Ellsworth and Rick...

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Low-Power Networking Standards War Counterproductive

Nov 19 2014

Augmented Reality-assisted experiences can be designed to rely on content and computational resources that are both close (hand-held and/or worn...

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Apple Awarded See-Through AR Display Patents

Nov 18 2014

The race for leadership in lightweight high performance hands-free displays for Augmented Reality continues to heat up. The U.S. Patent...

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