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Growing Number of Patents Cover both Wearables and Augmented Reality

Jul 20 2014

It’s no secret that there will be some serious patent issues to be worked out around wearables and Augmented Reality...

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Continental Introduces Heads-up Display for Integration into Cars by 2017

Jul 15 2014

Babenhausen, Germany – The international automotive supplier Continental is presenting a new evolutionary stage of its head-up display (HUD). The Augmented Reality...

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Vectorform Develops AR Vehicle Exploration Tool for Use with Google Glass

Jul 14 2014

Distributed around the vehicle are various “touch points” where Google Glass recognizes the contours of the car using Metaio 3D...

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Putting Wearable Displays to Work in the Enterprise

Jul 10 2014

Enterprises have business cases that could save billions of dollars—especially for specific industries and certain types of workers. Accenture Technology...

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Smart Glasses Leader, Eric Johnsen, Joins APX Labs as VP of Business Development

Jul 8 2014

Eric Johnsen has joined the APX Labs management team. For more information about Johnsen, read the press release.

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TruLife Optics’ Optical Waveguide Incorporates Two Holograms

Jul 5 2014

TruLife Optics introduces its first generation of waveguide technology. TL1 is a clear low iron-glass waveguide with two holographic couplers...

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Autodesk Infraworks Provides Augmented Reality for On-site Visualization

Jul 1 2014

Infraworks is a new tool introduced by Autodesk focusing on the conceptual infrastructure space to allow stakeholders to get a...

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Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform Receives FDA Clearance

Jun 30 2014

CLEVELAND – Surgical Theater, LLC today received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance on the recently launched Surgical Navigation Advanced...

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Virtual Surgery: The Operating Room Goes High-Tech

Jun 18 2014

Bloomberg TV features the use of Augmented Reality in surgery in this news segment. Watch the video for more.

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Augmented Reality Tablet Enables Designers To Sketch 3D

Jun 17 2014

Currently in design environments and scenarios, there are no real shared digital-creation platforms. Furthermore, designers must master some complex CAD...

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Lowe’s Turns to Augmented Reality for Planning Projects

Jun 11 2014

The second-largest home improvement store in the United States will transform the in-store experience it provides to customers by building...

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Jun 10 2014’s Wear cloud platform is a developer pack that is targeted towards app developers to create enterprise apps for all...

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