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Magic Leap’s User Interface for Augmented Reality

Aug 4 2015

Fast Company takes a look at the 106-page patent filing of Magic Leap, an Augmented and Virtual Reality startup that...

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Sikorsky Seeks Augmented Reality Innovations with Entrepreneurial Challenge

Aug 3 2015

Augmented Reality will eventually have an impact in most industries but some industries are earlier to adopt than others. Boeing,...

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Summary of Augmented Reality in Automotive Use Cases

Aug 2 2015

Once again, the attention of automotive industry companies and those who follow and study them is focused on Augmented Reality...

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Personal Augmented Reality Displays Compete for Attention

Jul 31 2015

As the interest in enterprise Augmented Reality continues to rise, customers need assistance to understand how the offers (and the...

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RemoteAR Helps Field Technician Connect with Remote Expert

Jul 30 2015

When a technician is in the field and can’t quickly find a manual or the right section within their technical...

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Digi-Capital Predicts Seven Drivers for Augmented/Virtual Reality

Jul 29 2015

Digi-Capital has released its “Augmented/Virtual Reality Report Q2 2015“, in which it predicts a $150 billion market for Augmented and...

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Infographic Shows How Virtual and Augmented Reality Share Enabling Technologies

Jul 28 2015

Despite excellent articles explaining their unique value, many people continue to be confused about the differences between Virtual and Augmented...

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Report says Google Glass for Enterprise will be Water Resistant and Foldable

Jul 24 2015

According the this new three-part report published on PC Magazine Web site, getting Google Glass will not be easy for...

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Forrester Research Recommends that Enterprises Explore Augmented Reailty

Jul 24 2015

The large consulting firms and market research publishers are watching the growth of Augmented Reality closely and encouraging their enterprise...

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CRGI Announces Availability of CivicAR Augmented Reality Solution for Public Sector

Jul 23 2015

Civic Resource Group Int’l (CRGI) announced in a press release that it is making CivicAR, a mobile Augmented Reality solution...

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Optima Pharma Demonstrates Augmented Reality for Machine Airflow Visualization

Jul 22 2015

At the pharmaceutical industry trade show Achema 2015, Optima Pharma recorded a video of their demonstration using Augmented Reality to...

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Time to Dispel Common Myths about Augmented Reality

Jul 20 2015

One of the key objectives of the AR for Enterprise Alliance is to reduce the hype around Augmented Reality so...

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