Visionstar Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has acquired expertise in technology, operations and marketing in China and has long concentrated on developing and distributing the core technology of Augmented Reality. The company occupies the unique position of offering both the technology and practical platform applications for AR in China and is a pioneer and leader in the industry.

Background and Achievements

Visionstar has distributed the SightPlus platform (Chinese) since 2014, which provides integrated solutions for creating, browsing and distributing AR content. In addition, the company offers the EasyAR SDK, which was released in October 2015. The SDK runs on iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS, and allows the creation and loading of datasets during runtime, obviating the need to log in to other websites for dataset management.

Challenges to Be Addressed

A key challenge is that the technology of Augmented Reality is still maturing, which means developers and their teams must explore, test and wait for both software and hardware to meet operational requirements. For users this means time is needed to get familiar with AR and what it can accomplish. Enterprises both within and outside of AR industries are searching for the best solutions to combine AR with their use cases, not just for marketing but for achieving higher efficiencies at lower cost.

Why AR Is Strategic

Augmented Reality is a technology in its early stages and has the potential to be widely used in almost every industrial scenario, especially with next generation hardware (i.e., smart glasses). As pioneers in this field, Visionstar believes that everything can eventually be augmented.