VanGogh Imaging provides advanced real time 3D computer vision technology to empower mobile and industrial applications to interact with the real world. The components can be used by third parties designing and delivering high-performance Augmented Reality solutions and systems.

Background and Achievements

VanGogh Imaging develops advanced real time 3D computer vision technology components for use by third parties designing and delivering high performance Augmented Reality solutions and systems. Although existing 2D-based computer vision tracking and rendering solutions perform consistently in controlled and stationary environments, VanGogh Imaging’s technologies support a wide range of dynamic experiences based on the real world, working under more challenging conditions such as when there are moving objects, obstructions and changes in user or subject illumination.

VanGogh Imaging

Based on several years of advanced research, the company’s Starry Night vision technology combines 3D depth sensing with standard cameras. Use of both color values and 3D point clouds permits highly reliable Augmented reality solutions that meet and exceed the requirements of enterprise customers. End users are able to seamlessly interact with the real world in three dimensions.

Challenges to Be Addressed

Augmented Reality-enabled systems need to reliably support users in rapidly changing environments while taking into account the limited processing power and battery life of mobile and wearable platforms. Such challenges can’t be met with prototypes of components designed for research purposes. They must be addressed using mature, carefully optimized computer vision algorithms.  Together with partners, VanGogh Imaging addresses these problems by providing market-ready solutions for real world scene capture, tracking and pose estimation and graphics rendering in AR display and presentation devices.

A further challenge we see is the difficulty of integration and use. Advanced computer vision technologies must be easy to use, allowing enterprises to rapidly adopt and integrate Augmented Reality-assisted systems into complete solutions and natural workflows. VanGogh Imaging provides developer-friendly tools and APIs for integrators to quickly build and deliver the most appropriate solutions to their customers.

Why AR Is Strategic

Computer vision technologies can be used in many ways to offer new capabilities to industrial processes and machines. VanGogh Imaging is focusing on components that will deliver 3D Augmented Reality because we believe that augmenting natural human vision with technology will significantly impact a wide variety of different mission-critical industries.

With partners seeking to introduce and adopt computer vision technologies, VanGogh Imaging is putting high performance Augmented Reality solutions into the most challenging workplaces. When resilient to diverse conditions using limited mobile device resources, these final solutions will reduce operational costs and time to market, while also increasing quality and productivity.