Optech4D provides Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies for a variety of use cases in operations, maintenance and health and safety for oil and gas. This includes the upstream sector (exploration and production), midstream (pipelines and terminals) and downstream (refining and petrochemical). The company also serves customers in the utilities, aviation, aerospace and nuclear industries.

Optech4D combines visualization software with wearable computing products, including smart glasses. Optech4D’s immersive solutions provide AR experiences for field technicians to support learning retention and operational efficiency.

Background and Achievements

The company’s solutions are used by customers worldwide to optimize cost savings and process efficiency, as well as to reduce procedural drift. Optech4D specializes in domains such as inspection, maintenance, procedures for confined spaces, lock and tag safety and remote expert collaboration.


In particular, the company provides simulation software for 3D training in facilities management, standard operating procedures and operator safety training. Optech4D’s visualization technology supports smart glasses from AREA member Atheer Labs and Osterhout Design Group. The company also develops location-based technologies such as its SafeBeacon product to provide situation-aware data access for field operations.

Challenges to Be Addressed

Heavy industries are process and procedure oriented but lack the necessary technology to support major efficiency gains in their ruggedized and hazardous environments. When procedures are not followed correctly, injuries occur and lives may be lost. Optech4D addresses these challenges by leveraging Augmented Reality with wearables to provide hands-free AR experiences for field technicians by making training, instructions and remote expert collaboration available in the field of view.

Optech4D AR

Why AR Is Strategic

During times of low energy prices and restricted budgets, heavy industries are driven to minimize downtime while maximizing safety in maintenance, inspection, overhaul and operations. Compliance with health and safety requirements is paramount while performing these tasks as efficiently as possible.

In addition, many organizations require tribal knowledge to be passed from an aging workforce to younger field operators, so that tasks are performed at the same level of expertise as by their experienced predecessors. Optech4D believes Augmented Reality in enterprise provides strategic opportunities for meeting such requirements and represents a leap forward in how business will be performed in the future.