JoinPad is an Augmented Reality solutions provider that has developed software for the industrial sector. The company aims to simplify customers’ enterprise business processes by providing expertise on interaction design and UX, IoT and artificial intelligence.

Background and Achievements

JoinPad provides technologies and solutions for delivering industrial Augmented Reality. It demonstrated its first Augmented Reality software for use with a wearable AR-enhanced device at the NAB Show in Las Vegas in 2011. The product, called Augmented eXPerience, illustrated how Augmented Reality experiences could provide remote assistance to field technicians. The company introduced the Arrakis SDK with support for wearable, mobile and desktop AR development.  

Continually expanding its industrial offerings, the company today offers BrainPad, a suite of cloud-based AR-enhanced solutions. Business applications connect to BrainPad to add AR visualization in a variety of industries including energy, logistics, automotive, manufacturing and IT. BrainPad also connects disparate nodes in an enterprise to provide context computing through sensor networks and integration of enterprise resource systems. The software includes features such as smart navigation, object recognition, AR user interface for mobile devices such as smart glasses and a content management system. The BrainPad solutions are also available for enterprise-hosted deployment.

Challenges to Be Addressed

Usage of Augmented Reality in industry poses many challenges for both AR ecosystem customers and providers. One key issue is quantifying the impact of AR on workplace efficiency and safety, and establishing business cases to justify new investments.

ROI models for Augmented Reality are still evolving. Documentation of demonstrably rapid ROI from respected companies will be required to attract greater interest from many customers that have not considered introduction of Augmented Reality. 

Lastly, despite recent rapid changes in technologies for smart glasses and mobile devices, a new generation is nevertheless needed to match evolving industry requirements in terms of regulatory and technology frameworks.

Why AR Is Strategic

Augmented Reality can enhance Industry 4.0 initiatives by providing intuitive and ergonomic visualization of information. AR-assisted systems also allows the user to focus on data which is filtered in real time based on both the physical context in which an operator finds themselves, as well as on computing logic such as the structure of the AR content itself. This increases efficiency and can make organizations more competitive.

The growing need to use big data to efficiently support operators in their tasks by bringing the information when and where it’s required is key to driving adoption of AR throughout industry.