From its headquarters in Houston, Texas, FuelFX develops custom Augmented and Virtual Reality and mobile solutions using 3D graphics for digital marketing, e-learning and communications to global energy, industrial and med-tech customers. Through our unique talents at combining creativity and technology, our end-to-end experiential media and software development teams deliver and support high-impact and award-winning projects that solve problems and accelerate learning.

FuelFX Gnosys

Background and Achievements

Since our beginnings as a graphic and 3D design firm in the fall of 2007, we have expanded our areas of expertise to encompass the entirety of marketing, operations and experiential media. In 2012, we rebranded to FuelFX and in December of 2014 we converted from an LLC to a corporation.

FuelFX has won many marketing-focused awards during our short history. To mention just a few from 2014, The American Advertising Federation recognized us for four different projects. We also won a Business Marketing Association (BMA) Award and a Gold Level MARCOM Award for one of our AR apps. During the previous year, we won Best Science Mobile Application and Best Technology Mobile Application at the Mobile Web Awards.

Challenges to be Addressed by AR

Augmented Reality offers a number of benefits that can address certain challenges in industrial environments. FuelFX sees AR as linking procedures, maintenance and instructions to real world equipment and facilities in 3D space. An AR-assisted system can offer workers improved visualization and understanding of complicated equipment that is simply not possible with standard work instructions using 2D drawings.

Finally, Augmented Reality can employ computer vision to identify solutions or treat impending equipment problems by offering prescriptive guidance to workers, rendering interventions more efficient in the process.

Why AR is Strategic for your Company and your Industry

We see Augmented Reality not only as a natural extension of our core 3D multimedia offering but also as having strategic value for safety and efficiency.

Oil and gas employees work in extremely dangerous environments and sites, at times under hazardous conditions, and Augmented Reality could vastly reduce or prevent injury through training and alerts on wearables.

Also, the fact that most equipment is complex and effectively functions as a black box means workers must often see it in operation to gain an understanding of the role of a particular piece of gear at the job site. Augmented Reality provides an ideal solution for communicating the inner workings and purpose of a given machine.