CN2 enables enterprises to quickly and easily create compelling mobile Augmented Reality (AR) applications and then measure the effectiveness of those applications.  Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform is offered as two products, CN2 Insight for sales and marketing applications and CN2 Experience for service and training needs.  CN2 AR content is superimposed onto the physical world using customers’ iOS, Android and Windows devices. 

The name CN2 is highly relevant to our business as it is the scientific name for the optic nerve, which delivers visual information to the brain and is also a training algorithm, designed to deliver perfect training, even when the data is imperfect. 


CN2 applications utilize two unique techniques for displaying interactive AR content.  For CN2 Insight (marketing and sales) applications, true-to-life digital content, such as a life-size product, appear and interact as though the product were physically present.  Our Experience (service and training) applications provide AR instructional content such as arrows, call outs and x-ray views, to be superimposed directly onto physical equipment. Both Insight and Experience include event-based analytics, accessed through our Dashboard, quantifying in real time the benefits of using Augmented Reality for increased sales and reduced downtime. 

The CN2 platform also enables enterprises to effectively create both internal and consumer-facing applications, which may be white-labeled or embedded into existing mobile apps. Other media formats such as video, audio and technical documents may easily be integrated into CN2 applications as well. 

Background and Achievements

CN2, Inc. was originally founded as Merlin Mobility, a Georgia Tech Venture Lab Company, through a GRA Phase I Grant. CN2 successfully completed and graduated from the ATDC Technology Business Incubator Program at Georgia Tech in March 2015 after raising our first round of seed capital and rebranding to CN2 in fall 2014.

CN2 has extensive experience and interest in developing Augmented Reality for use with hand-free form factors. This is reflected in our many awards. CN2 is the winner of the 2015 Epson Moverio Challenge for “Visualizing the Future of Medical Care.”  This application demonstrates a variety of intuitive techniques for creating useful applications with this important medium.

In 2014 our CEO Margaret Martin was selected as an Early Stage Entrepreneur Finalist for Metro Atlanta Chamber's Business Person of the Year Award.

CN2 is the proud recipient of the National Association of Telecom Professional's (ATP), 2013 Technology Service Provider Innovation Award. CN2 was awarded the distinction of the Technology Association of Georgia's 2013 Top Ten Innovative Technology Companies.  Additionally, CN2 won the People's Choice Award for the "coolest technology" at the 2013 Georgia Technology Summit.

In 2012, CN2 was the winner of the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition for the Southeast for our innovative technology and business plan


Challenges to be Addressed by AR

Historically, Augmented Reality has been a technology where the clear value it delivers is easy to "recognize" but far more difficult to "realize."  Due to significant technical challenges, it has languished in research labs for decades.

Today we are witnessing a rapid evolution in mobile computing validated by the vastly increasing numbers of processors, sensors, networks and storage capabilities available to our mobile devices. While this mobile hardware evolution is rapidly solving one challenge of AR delivery, the most important part of the equation, software, still remains.

Software protocols and best practices must come together to support the design, creation and delivery of meaningful AR content to mobile users. Best practices for this development include establishing methodologies that align with the enterprise and deliver measurable ROI. CN2, Inc. has been actively involved in AR standardization development since its formation in 2011 and our chief scientist Alex Hill, PhD was a founding member of the standards workshops that led to the formation of the AREA.

CN2 is making huge strides in Augmented Reality software development and, while many companies approach the challenge of producing AR content on an ad-hoc basis, CN2 has developed a full library of AR-specific components that allow us to rapidly create content based on reusable patterns. From user interactivity and rendering to database integration and computer vision, CN2 provides an integrated Platform-as-a Service (PaaS) to address the types of data integration, application management and content management issues that enterprises need solved before they can fully commit to this new technology.

Why AR is a Strategic Area

Traditionally, highly specialized actors have exclusively controlled three-dimensional media such as computer-aided drawings and graphics. Today, the high adoption rate of video, digital imagery and web media in the enterprise has cleared the path for 3D content to enjoy the same. Enterprises are actively embracing the design, creation and distribution of 3D content related to their products, processes and procedures through sales, content management and product lifecycle management software. This integration of 3D content into the enterprise is being driven by the increased efficiencies that its usage delivers including increased sales, reduced errors, decreased training times and improved worker safety.

Augmented Reality allows enterprises to leverage their commitment to 3D content by delivering it in real time, directly in front of the user, to more effectively communicate design, product features, usage, maintenance and operational status. At CN2 we believe enterprises will increasingly adopt AR to increase sales and generate operational efficiencies and we understand that these technologies must be tightly integrated into existing business processes. As a result, CN2 continues to improve upon our enterprise-grade AR content creation and management platform to provide enterprise solutions and align with business needs.