Catchoom is a leading software company in image recognition and Augmented Reality. Spun-off from Telefonica and incorporated in 2011, the company provides hosted image recognition and tracking technology, API, SDKs and CraftAR, a cloud-based platform for creating AR experiences.

Background and Achievements

Catchoom provides high-performance image recognition technology for use in a wide range of image recognition and Augmented Reality applications. Catchoom offers both a SaaS cloud-based software solution that comes with a range of Augmented Reality software components and APIs, as well as an Enterprise Solution for high-volume, scalable and customizable server installations.

Catchoom AR

The company’s software is highly optimized for fast and effective scalability, a key challenge of image recognition technology. Layar benchmarked Catchoom’s technology in 2013 against three of their main competitors and found they had the best results in terms of recall rates, while speed and false positive rates remained competitive.

The company was awarded an Honorable Mention for the Best Tool at the 2015 Augmented World Expo Auggie Awards. In 2013 Catchoom won the “Global Growth: Technology” category awarded by Spain Startup and Investor Summit and was recognized for the overall best startup based on audience votes. In that same year the company was recognized at the Red Herring Top 100 Europe as a promising private tech venture and chosen as a Cool Vendor in Digital Marketing by Gartner.


Challenges to Be Addressed

Catchoom is working on innovative solutions for a number of challenging aspects of maintenance and training at industrial facilities. Catchoom seeks to deliver enterprise-grade AR experiences in difficult conditions such as:

  • Limited or no connectivity, enabling offline recognition of real-world objects.
  • Heterogeneous conditions such as inconsistent illumination.
  • Complex and patternless shapes and materials.

Until now, most integrators and solution providers addressed these challenges by requiring the attachment of a marker. Catchoom has been channeling extensive R&D efforts into markerless 3D object recognition for industrial applications, applying computer vision and depth-sensing technologies to enterprise environments.

Why AR Is Strategic

Catchoom recognizes that Augmented Reality will provide significant improvements in enterprise performance. When combined with Augmented Reality, the recognition can highlight and superimpose additional information aligned with real-world equipment. This helps companies and field workers to reduce errors and make informed decisions in real-time.

In order to meet the customer’s expectations for AR in diverse work settings where targets are difficult to recognize and track, there needs to be highly reliable and scalable systems for identification. The company’s recognition and tracking technology, as well as its related services and platforms, is evolving to meet the growing needs of enterprise customers. Addressing these needs is a very significant new opportunity