Resources are content and media in various formats, such as white papers, videos, templates, etc., that your organization chooses to share with other AREA members, with the twin objectives of marketing your capabilities and encouraging growth of Augmented Reality in enterprise.

Resources help decision makers understand potential costs and benefits of introducing Augmented Reality, thereby minimizing risks and increasing the likelihood of success.

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White Papers
Augmented Reality in the Navy-A Roadmap
4.0 MB - November 17, 2015

 This document, released on 30 September 2015, describes Augmented Reality and use cases in the Navy. It is made available to the public with permission from the author. The Navy Augmented Reality Community (NARC) self-organized with a common passion for AR, and with a desire to work more effectively across NRE boundaries to advance the state of the art. 

Case Studies
Order Picking with Augmented Reality Smartglasses
Author: Maastricht University School of Business and Economics
997.4 KB - March 17, 2016

Although often considered a nuisance, order picking is one of the most important steps in supply chain logistics and warehousing, accounting for approximately 20% of all logistics costs and up to 55% of the total cost of warehousing5 . Moreover, order picking is the last supply chain step before goods are delivered to the customer. Mistakes made in this step cannot be undone internally anymore and thus directly influence the customer’s perceived quality of...

White Papers
Smart Glass Adoption in the Enterprise
Author: Vital Enterprises and the AREA
629.7 KB - June 1, 2016

Modern enterprises are seeing rapid changes with the development of new technology. While some human practices can be replaced by streamlined processes, robotics, and automation, it is impossible for these advances to supplant humans entirely. Enterprises recognize the greatest benefit when invaluable human input is made better through advanced technology, specifically wearables such as smart glasses. 

White Papers
Mixed and Augmented Reality Reference Model
Author: Gerry Kim, Christine Perey, Marius Preda
17.5 MB - July 7, 2014

Information technology — Computer graphics, image processing and environmental data representation and Coding of audio, picture, multimedia and hypermedia information — Part 1: Mixed and Augmented Reality Reference Model

Case Studies
User Requirements Eyewear
Author: Sara Mautino, Mark Melnykowycz
340.6 KB - October 1, 2014

The proliferation of internet, computing, and mobile technologies has grown in momentum over the past decade. Communication channels in the internet domain grew from static web pages to dynamic ones, blogging became a web form unto itself, and instant messaging grew from stand along clients to be an integrated as instant updates into social media platforms . . .

Case Studies
Web Standards-buildAR Oct31 2012
Author: Rob Manson
437.7 KB - October 31, 2012

Status of Web standards in late 2012

Case Studies
Augmented Reality in Utilities - A Use Case
Author: John Simmins
55.1 MB - October 1, 2014

In this presentation, John Simmins, Ph.D. of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) explores the Use Case for Augmented Reality in industrial applications and the Utility industry.

Stuff, Standards and Sites: Libraries and Archives in AR
Author: William Denton
16.9 KB - March 27, 2014

10th AR Standards Community Meeting, Arlington, VA, USA

POI Standards Working Group and Open POI for AR
Author: Raj Singh
3.4 MB - October 1, 2014

Open POI standard and Directory of POI

AR Browser Interoperability status and Plans
Author: Martin Lechner
3.3 MB - March 27, 2014

AR Browser Interoperability Proof of Concept demonstrates first interoperability acheivements by the collaboration of Wikitude, Layar and metaio

IndoorGML – Candidate Standard for Indoor Spatial Information
Author: Ki-Joune Li
2.6 MB - October 1, 2014

IndoorGML and Indoor Map standards for indoor geospatial AR experiences

Easy and natural discovery of AR experiences in daily life
Author: Christine Perey
4.7 MB - March 30, 2013

Discusses some of the issues and assumptions for making AR easy to identify in real world scenarios

ITU Standardization activities in the wider context of AR, and of IoT, specifically
Author: Martin Euchner, Advisor to ITU-T Study Group 17
5.4 MB - October 26, 2014

Provides an overview of ITU-T’s standardization activities, which cover the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and related technologies.

Case Studies
Augmented Reality in Manufacturing at the Boeing Company - Lessons Learned and Future Directions
Author: Paul Davies, David Lee
Editor: Greg Babb
430.2 KB - December 18, 2014

This report summarizes problems and solutions identified in “Augmented Reality: Development and Implementation for Manufacturing at Boeing,” by Paul Davies and David Lee, a case study published by the Boeing Company in March 2014.

This report describes the implementation of Augmented Reality-assisted first and final quality assurance inspections in aircraft fuselage assembly. It is based on mobile AR-enhanced paperless inspection projects developed for clients of Centerline Design, an engineering design firm specializing in 3D solutions.