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Enterprise AR Display Provider

Companies that design, manufacture and furnish (via OEM or directly) hands-free displays such as head-mounted, wearable displays, dedicated projection Augmented Reality technology or other display components must master and integrate many complex technologies including optics, human-machine interaction, sensors, power management and memory.

Although enterprises are hungry for prototypes, the volumes to which customers will commit to purchase in the next 12 months are small, making it difficult to reach attractive pricing. Industries and enterprises also have highly varied demands for security and safety in their processes. These requirements may produce significantly different products that are highly targeted. For example, the head-mounted display for use in emergency response systems must be resistant to heat, adapt to a wide range of lighting conditions and allow hands-free movement. Systems for head-mounted display in manufacturing may operate in a very narrowly defined light and temperature environment but the user may be required to wear the product for an entire shift, making the weight factor very crucial in acceptance of the design.

Resolution and field of view are other variables that differ greatly among use cases and industries, increasing the complexity of trying to develop generic and widely applicable display products.


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