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Novarad’s OpenSight Augmented Reality Named 2017 New Product of the Year

Dec 7 2017

A press release dated December 6, 2017 revealed that Novarad Corporation’s OpenSight Augmented Reality system received the Business Intelligence Group’s...

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Porsche using Atheer’s AiR Enterprise for Tech Live Look

Dec 3 2017

Congratulations go to AREA member Atheer for their work with Porsche. As stated on the Atheer website: This week’s announcement by...

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BrainXChange Round Up: Smart Glasses, AR VR MR Head-Worn Devices

Nov 29 2017

BrainXChange is an AREA member who you may know as the organisers of the EWTS events (see here for the...

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ISCF Industrial Strategy Fund – news from Immerse UK

Nov 28 2017

The Government’s Industrial Strategy White Paper, published today, has confirmed £33m* immersive technology focusing on a challenge on Audience of...

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Manufacturing Technology Centre MTC is recruiting for roles in Augmented Reality

Nov 27 2017

One of the AREA’s objectives is making sure the augmented reality ecosystem has enough skilled workers.  Readers can keep an...

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Umajin Launches Immerse Platform for Enterprise Applications

Nov 17 2017

A press release dated Nov. 16, 2017 on Globe Newswire, today announced the launch of Umajin Immerse, a development platform...

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PTC Unveils Reality Lab to Advance Adoption of AR

Nov 17 2017

PTC has unveiled a reality lab that will advance the adoption and exploration of augmented reality technologies.  A press release...

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GE and Upskill improving jet engine assembly and maintenance

Nov 16 2017

The solution, which combines Upskill’s Skylight AR platform on Google Glass with a smart wrench, enables mechanics to perfect the...

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Electrolux Declares AR Use for Factory Maintenance

Nov 15 2017

An article on VR Focus discusses Electrolux’s investment in Augmented Reality. The technology company has begun to manufacture AR smart...

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Fieldbit Smart Glasses Technology Across US Onshore Operations

Nov 10 2017

An article on PR Newswire reported on the recently announced update on the collaboration between Fieldbit and BP. Fieldbit Hero,...

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