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3D Studio Blomberg and Chrysalisforge Ltd form Strategic Alliance

Oct 6 2017

The Strategic Alliance also offers an expanded platform of products and services to existing 3DS customers in Finland pursuing Dynamic Product Visualisation....

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RealWear wins Industrial Wearables New Product Innovation Award 2017

Oct 3 2017

AREA member RealWear was named the Frost & Sullivan Industrial Wearables New Product Innovation Award 2017.  Details can be read...

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Improving Customer Experience With Wearable Technology

Aug 15 2017

A recent article on BrainXchange lists a number of enterprises that are utilising wearable technology in order to create beneficial...

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Atheer Android Tablet Version of AiR

Aug 12 2017

AREA member Atheer, announced recently that they have developed an Android tablet version of their own AiR Enterprise Augmented Reality...

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Boeing’s HorizonX Makes New Investment in Augmented and Virtual Reality

Aug 8 2017

AREA member Boeing has announced that its venture capital arm, HorizonX, will be investing in C360 Technologies, a startup that focuses...

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How Augmented Reality Will Put People Back to Work

Aug 8 2017

We’d like to draw our readers’ attention to an article on by Amitt Mahajan “How Augmented Reality will put...

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Upskill Unveils GE Aviation Smart Glasses Pilot Featuring Glass Enterprise Edition

Jul 27 2017

AREA member Upskill announced another successful pilot at GE Aviation using the company’s Skylight platform on Glass Enterprise Edition. In...

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The Magic that is AR – Q&A by Tomi T Ahonen

Jul 19 2017

AREA member Appearition released a 5 minute read blog this week where they interviewed Tomi T Ahonen with 5 questions. ...

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Atheer Acquires SpaceView to Create a Richer Augmented and Mixed Reality Experience

Jul 17 2017

AREA members Atheer have announced their acquisition with SpaceView.  SpaceView is a company which creates technologies that allow other organisations...

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PTC Named IIoT Company of the Year

Jul 5 2017

According to the article, award winners are selected by more than 40 industry-leading press, editors, journalists, thought leaders and analysts...

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