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Crunchfish AR technologies recognized by British industry TV

Dec 15 2017

Crunchfish are one of AREA’s new members.  Their latest press release states that in an interview by British Telecom TV,...

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Porsche using Atheer’s AiR Enterprise for Tech Live Look

Dec 3 2017

Congratulations go to AREA member Atheer for their work with Porsche. As stated on the Atheer website: This week’s announcement by...

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Contextere collaboration with Samsung on AI-Powered Wearables for Industry

Dec 1 2017

AREA member Contextere announced it will collaborate with Samsung Electronics America Inc. to bring contextere’s intelligent personal agent for industrial workers to...

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BrainXChange Round Up: Smart Glasses, AR VR MR Head-Worn Devices

Nov 29 2017

BrainXChange is an AREA member who you may know as the organisers of the EWTS events (see here for the...

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ISCF Industrial Strategy Fund – news from Immerse UK

Nov 28 2017

The Government’s Industrial Strategy White Paper, published today, has confirmed £33m* immersive technology focusing on a challenge on Audience of...

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Manufacturing Technology Centre MTC is recruiting for roles in Augmented Reality

Nov 27 2017

One of the AREA’s objectives is making sure the augmented reality ecosystem has enough skilled workers.  Readers can keep an...

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3D Studio Blomberg and Chrysalisforge Ltd form Strategic Alliance

Oct 6 2017

The Strategic Alliance also offers an expanded platform of products and services to existing 3DS customers in Finland pursuing Dynamic Product Visualisation....

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RealWear wins Industrial Wearables New Product Innovation Award 2017

Oct 3 2017

AREA member RealWear was named the Frost & Sullivan Industrial Wearables New Product Innovation Award 2017.  Details can be read...

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Improving Customer Experience With Wearable Technology

Aug 15 2017

A recent article on BrainXchange lists a number of enterprises that are utilising wearable technology in order to create beneficial...

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Atheer Android Tablet Version of AiR

Aug 12 2017

AREA member Atheer, announced recently that they have developed an Android tablet version of their own AiR Enterprise Augmented Reality...

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