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AR Hands-free Connectivity at Sea for Ferry Operator

Mar 26 2019

“The connectivity, when operating at sea, was remarkable and the hands-free equipment meets our onboard safety standards,” said TT-Lines superintendent...

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How AR Can Help Manufacturers Sell More Products

Mar 21 2019

Today’s manufacturers are staying competitive by incorporating augmented reality (AR) technology into the selling process, and they are increasing revenue as...

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How Porsche Transformed Automotive Dealer Service with AR

Mar 19 2019

Previous articles have examined other talks such as by Scope AR another AREA member. Joining the list is Atheer‘s work with Porsche to...

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XMReality signs software order worth SEK 1.5 million with US defense group

Mar 15 2019

In a press release dated 26 February 2019 an ongoing negotiation was revealed with a US defense group for an...

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London’s Heathrow Tower Begins Testing Augmented Reality for ATC

Mar 15 2019

About 15 days each year, air traffic controllers working inside London Heathrow’s 286-foot control tower experience essentially IFR conditions when...

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Vuzix strikes reseller partnership with Verizon for enterprise customers

Mar 14 2019

Per the agreement, Verizon Sourcing, the subsidiary that handles procurement of the inventory that Verizon sells, will offer the Vuzix Blade, M300XL,...

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Scope AR Industrial Stories

Mar 13 2019

Component inspections Customers of a large industrial equipment distributor have to make regular trips to the service center for component...

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Augmented Reality with Remote Guidance

Mar 11 2019

In a recently executed field study it has been confirmed that 84% of users prefer the XMReality AR- solution compared...

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Augmented reality surgical technology unveiled by Philips and Microsoft

Mar 4 2019

The Philips and Microsoft augmented reality concept, built for HoloLens 2, brings live imaging and other sources of vital data...

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Planning for the future of Intelligent Power Generation

Feb 27 2019

The main points can be summarised as follows: An Electric Power Research Institute-led collaborative utility project, called I4Gen (Insight through...

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