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Dutch report success with augmented reality of brain

Oct 11 2018

The group, led by first author Dr. Fatih Incekara from Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, converted MRI scans of brain...

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Chuck Spangler, CEO and President of SCMEP on Manufacturing

Oct 5 2018

When asked, “What areas do you see having the biggest need in the future?” Spangler replied: “Workforce, workforce, workforce. SCMEP...

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Discounts for IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona Oct 2018

Sep 28 2018

Ambassador Full Congress Pass IoT+Ai+BC IOT Congress 50% discount (595 euro) 32B0AE13 Ambassador Blockchain Congress Pass BC Congress 50% discount...

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Vuzix Partners with 1Minuut Innovation and Deloitte Netherlands on AR Smartglasses in Healthcare

Sep 27 2018

1Minuut is bringing real-life experiences virtually to patients that can’t enjoy them in person by allowing patients to view real-time...

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Mozenix – Augmented Reality & Industry 4.0: What It Means for CTO’s

Sep 21 2018

The author quite rightly points out that there is also huge emphasis on enabling enterprise decision-makers to better understand how...

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Contractor trials mixed reality headsets on school site

Sep 20 2018

A customised app allowed the project team to then view and check a section of the project’s MEPH work. The...

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New Augmented Reality Platform Could Help Save Lives in Combat and Other Crisis Areas

Sep 18 2018

The system they’ve developed links an on-scene medical professional with the world’s leading experts through a headset worn by the...

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XMReality and Semcon initiates a strategic cooperation

Sep 17 2018

Semcon has experienced increased demand for digital content and live interaction from its customers and has invested heavily in AR/VR...

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Enterprises Discuss Impact of AR/VR and Wearable Tech at the EWTS 2018

Sep 10 2018

Enterprises with large mobile and deskless workforces are beginning to move away from the use of traditional devices like smartphones...

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Changing the Face of the Logistics Industry With Augmented Reality

Sep 6 2018

Joshi writes: “The logistics industry can be considered as the lifeline of global business activities, as it is responsible for...

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