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Dos and Don’ts of Enterprise AR with Scope AR

Dec 4 2018

Enterprise AR is a rich area of opportunity, given continually-proven bottom line impact. In fact, it’s the largest XR sub-sector...

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Google Glass returns, Enterprise Edition 2 appears online

Nov 30 2018

This follows an earlier mention on the FCC website, having been approved for communications use in the United States. Seen...

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Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit: Accelerating innovation in aerospace

Nov 27 2018

Airbus and Boeing (AREA member) both had booming 2017s in terms of deliveries and orders. The world’s largest aerospace manufacturers...

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XMReality secures additional order from US defense company

Nov 18 2018

This is excellent news for the company and demonstrates enterprise commitment to augmented reality. XMReality has signed a third order...

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What is the business case for augmented reality?

Nov 14 2018

Some of the key concepts from the article include: Training and certification through AR pays for the creation of content...

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AREA forms partnership with The Manufacturers Organisation UK, EEF

Nov 7 2018

We spoke to Stephen Tulip, Membership Development Manager – South West, who said: “I’m delighted to announce that EEF has...

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AR is indispensable to Design and Construction

Nov 6 2018

AR Case Study When SmithGroup took on the design of a new headquarters building in Washington, DC, the project’s unique...

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Thalmic Labs rebrand as North and unveil AR smartglasses

Nov 4 2018

Whilst this is not directly related to AR in the enterprise, this surely represents a huge step forward in widespread...

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FDA approves first Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality system for surgical use

Nov 1 2018

The technology projects 2D, 3D and 4D images of patients interactively by overlaying them onto the patient’s body, according to a Novarad press release published Oct. 24....

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Augmented Reality Improves Field Worker Efficiency, Security and Quality

Oct 25 2018

Augmented reality (AR) is quickly becoming mainstream as enterprises including Boeing, Caterpillar and others are seeing the benefits of using...

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