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AR Adds a New Dimension to Financial Trading and Analysis

Dmitry Parilov and Simon Raven
Jul 20 2017

AR/MR-assisted trading and data analysis platforms empower traders and investors with advanced fintech, which is capable of monitoring and visualizing...

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Addressing the Security Challenges of Wearable Devices for Enterprises

Tony Hodgson
May 16 2017

Read the first installment here. The topic of security in enterprise AR environments is both under-addressed and vital. Our cybersecurity team at Brainwaive is excited about...

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Mark Your Calendar for May 17 – AREA Webinar on AR and IoT

May 1 2017

Imagine an aircraft service facility where the maintenance crew has the actual performance data of each plane’s engine components right...

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Here’s why P&G created guidelines for augmented reality equipment (Via Cincinnati Business Courier)

Apr 12 2017

Barrett J. Brunsman, Staff reporter for the Cincinnati Business Courier, highlights how Procter & Gamble Co. “played a lead role in the development...

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Caterpillar, Lockheed Martin, P&G Lead Effort to Shape Future of Augmented Reality (Via IndustryWeek)

Apr 12 2017

IndustryWeek highlights the efforts of 65 organizations to help shape the future of augmented reality in the manufacturing sector. The functional...

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New Guidelines Point to an Augmented Future (via Computerworld)

Apr 12 2017

Matt Hamblen, Senior Editor for Computerworld, writes about the hardware and software guidelines for using augmented reality (AR) on the manufacturing floor....

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AREA Interview: Ken Lee of VanGogh Imaging

Feb 21 2017

AREA: Tell us about VanGogh Imaging and how the company started. KEN LEE: The reason I started VanGogh was I...

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Key Players in the Augmented Reality Industry

Dec 17 2016

A recent article by Michael R. Blumberg examines major players in the industry of Augmented Reality who have developed solutions...

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Press Release Lockheed Martin Joins The AREA

Dec 13 2016

Lockheed Martin Joins Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance Board Lockheed Martin Brings Industry Expertise to AREA Board of Directors to...

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Augmented Reality ‘Experimental’ in the Enterprise

Nov 17 2016

An article appeared on TechTarget addressing the ‘experimental’ nature of Augmented Reality in the Enterprise. The article’s line of thought...

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