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Mind Commerce Report Forecasts Growth of Enterprise Wearable Augmented Reality Market

May 26 2015

Analysts continue to slice and dice the wearable technology market in new and interesting ways. This new report on wearable...

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Augmented Reality Has Come a Long Way

May 18 2015

This full length feature article on Computer Weekly web site based on an interview with Kudan’s James Hogan, helps to...

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Augmented Reality One of Industrial Workforce Technologies

May 6 2015

Augmented Reality will frequently be used in settings where the user cannot hold a tablet or smartphone while performing a...

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Juniper Research Forecasts $2.4B for Enterprise Augmented Reality market by 2019

Apr 27 2015

Juniper Research predicts that the enterprise Augmented Reality software market will grow 10 fold between 2014 and 2019. The company’s...

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Plant Floor Roles will Change with Augmented Reality

Apr 27 2015

The author of this post on EBN OnLine describes how distribution center or manufacturing floor supervisors and employee jobs will...

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Gartner Analyst Bullish about Enterprise Augmented Reality

Mar 21 2015

NBC News has published an opportunity analysis about enterprise Augmented Reality featuring some of the new models of smart glasses...

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Augmented Reality Reduces Errors and Time When Learning Robot Programming

Mar 20 2015

In this research paper recently accepted for publication in the proceedings of the Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education...

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Augmented Reality Improves Facilities Management

Mar 15 2015

SOF S.p.A., a subsidiary of Inso Sistemi per le Infrastrutture sociali, focusing on facilities management, plant management energy and the...

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Panelists Say Enterprise Augmented Reality Looks Promising

Mar 14 2015

An event in London created an opportunity for Augmented Reality to meet with customers and media. CNBC covered the event...

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Augmented Reality to Infiltrate Workplace in 2015

Mar 10 2015

Those who visit the AREA portal are discovering the benefits of Augmented Reality in the workplace on a daily basis....

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