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IET and Catapult: Manufacturing through the looking glass

Feb 20 2019

Titled Through the looking glass – The rise of augmented reality and its role in the future of manufacturing, the paper...

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AR market expected to grow at significant rate with increased enterprise adoption

Feb 19 2019

The technology helps to cut major costs such as additional manpower. Several organizations including research and development labs are investing...

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Process Expo AR Showcase October 2019 Chicago

Feb 1 2019

Organized by Harvin AR, the PROCESS EXPO AR Showcase will feature demonstrations by participating PROCESS EXPO exhibitors that will highlight...

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Bosch saves 15 percent per step taken in Automotive Repair with Augmented Reality

Jan 28 2019

On top of this, there is a vast variety of versions for each vehicle model and type. Quite frequently, the...

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Digital Transformation and The Connected Enterprise – Rockwell Automation and PTC

Jan 28 2019

Automation Fair featured about 150 Rockwell Automation and partner exhibits, 95 technical sessions, 22 labs, and nine industry-focused forums. Attendance...

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Atheer: Predictions for AR in 2019

Jan 18 2019

Those predictions in 2018 were the following: Lower prices for AR hardware Insights from data will be vital AI and...

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How Businesses Today Are Implementing Virtual and Augmented Reality (Forbes)

Jan 9 2019

Consider this real-world example: Virtual training can eliminate risk in nuclear power plant operation. You would much rather have frontline...

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Lowering the barriers to entry – Enterprise AR

Jan 8 2019

The Challenges of Augmented Reality However, developing and managing AR applications is not simple. Typically it requires companies to hire...

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Unlocking the Value of Augmented Reality Data

Jan 7 2019

The word “sensor” has become inseparable from the internet of things (IoT), where sensors detect environmental conditions and communicate these...

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Tech Crunch opinion piece on AR startups – will 2019 be a rough year?

Jan 3 2019

2018 was supposed to be a year where the foundational tech for augmented reality was built out a bit and...

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