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Here’s What AR and Other Similar Technologies Can Do for Your Business

Jun 18 2019

What is one piece of advice you’d give to businesses looking to invest in Augmented Reality (AR) technology? It’s the...

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How Augmented Reality is Transforming the Oil Industry

Jun 10 2019

A number of firms have already adopted the emerging technology – which could help to potentially avert oil spills –...

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Expanding use cases for mobile and wearable technology in manufacturing

Jun 7 2019

The article next takes a closer look at use-cases and benefits, and how understanding the driving factors and industry trends...

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PTC Whitepaper – State of Industrial Augmented Reality

Jun 4 2019

The latest edition of PTC’s bi-annual report explores how augmented reality solutions are being leveraged to reduce tracking time and...

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Five reasons why smart glasses mean business

Jun 3 2019

v “Someday augmented reality will become a mainstream feature of ordinary eyeglasses and sunglasses for everyday, general-purpose consumer use. But...

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The building blocks of better AR/VR at Augmented World Expo

Jun 3 2019

The author remarks he was happy to see some of that potential as the show at the Santa Clara Convention...

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Atheer Enterprise Survey: AR Adoption Coming Faster than you Think

May 29 2019

There were a number of interesting results but here is one clear highlight: 70% believe that AR technology will see...

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Augmented reality is transforming the engineering and industrial value chain

May 28 2019

Effective augmented reality applications can be straightforward to conceptualize, create, and implement. With modern authoring tools, developers can create immersive...

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Microsoft’s HoloLens Not Fit for AR-Assisted Surgery, Study Suggests

May 25 2019

While the industry rapidly expands and works hard to improve the AR experience, it must also overcome an important natural barrier:...

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400 Executives Convene at RealWear Summit to Share Insights on Scaling Industrial Wearables

May 24 2019

With thousands of worldwide deployments of RealWear HMT-1s, RealWear is now the preferred device for Connected Worker programs by solving...

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