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Looking ahead to EWTS 2017

Oct 6 2017

Jay Kothari, Project Lead at Glass at X, is schedules to offer the opening keynote this year. Kothari will use...

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An AR scenario for Aviation: Atheer

Oct 4 2017

The mechanic is on the ground with a plane in Boston that’s in need of engineer servicing, and she is...

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Smartglasses Market Share 2017

Aug 1 2017

A recent report discusses the Global Smartglasses Market examining the performance of the market in 2017. The market report contains...

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Global Augmented Reality Market to Register A Stout Growth by 2017-2022

Jul 24 2017

The valuation of the Global Augmented Reality Market is estimated to reach USD 124.37 billion by 2022 growing at a...

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Global AR and VR Smart Glasses Market 2017

Jul 18 2017

An article by discusses the latest smart glasses market report by QYResearch. The report, named ‘AR & VR Smartglasses...

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36% Believe Wearables Enhance Workplace Productivity

Jun 14 2017

Office Genie, an office search engine organisation, surveyed 1000 UK employees and found that 36% of employee respondents cite increased...

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Jay Kim of Upskill on the Pristine Acquisition and the Future of AR

AREA Editor
Jun 12 2017

In the aftermath of Upskill’s acquisition of Pristine, the AREA caught up with Upskill’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jay Kim, to...

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ABI Research Enterprise Wearable Revenue $55bn by 2020

Jun 12 2017

According to the latest study by ABI Research, revenue from Enterprise Wearable devices is said to hit $55 billion by...

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Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Market

Jun 12 2017

An increasing number of IT companies and startups showcased AR related products and this year’s CES and MWC.  Readers may...

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No more passing the buck on AR security

May 25 2017

This is the third in a series of blog posts following the progress being made on the AREA’s first research...

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