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The Impact of AR/VR in Enterprise

Apr 17 2018

AR and VR will very soon become important tools of a number of different industry types that want to find...

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Trends in Augmented Reality

Apr 6 2018

Key points from the article: More industries are adopting AR – industries like telecommunication, manufacturing, energy where the workforce is...

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AR/VR market transition begins as startups raise record $3.6 billion

Apr 4 2018

A fundamental transition in the fundraising market towards AR from VR, as well as the very early-stage dynamics of mobile...

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Global AR in Enterprise Market to be Worth USD 30,520 million by 2025

Apr 4 2018

In augmented reality technology, both virtual reality and the real world are combined together thus enriching the real world with...

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5 Ways Augmented Reality Is Disrupting the Supply Chain

Mar 29 2018

Augmented reality will now help truck drivers, warehouse workers, and management keep track of products from the second they leave...

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How Augmented Reality will make surgery safer

Mar 27 2018

Some of the biggest medical advances of the last few decades have been in diagnostic imaging—ultrasonogaphy, mammography, computerized tomography (CT),...

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Irish Government prioritise funding for AR amongst other R&D

Mar 20 2018

The Research Priority Areas 2018–2023 document which was recently published states new areas of study that will be key for...

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Medical Uses for AR Technology

Mar 18 2018

  The leading distributor of medical supplies, Medtree, has listed tech trends in medicine, and what they could lead to...

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Toshiba’s enterprise-oriented AR smart glasses are powered by a Windows PC

Mar 15 2018

Toshiba’s new dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses, the first completely wearable Augmented Reality (AR) solution to combine the power of a...

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Russian Augmented Reality Startups Break into Enterprise Space

Mar 13 2018

Russian IT startups are working extensively in the area of Augmented Reality, but although interest in the technology is growing...

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