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Technical Communicators Must Evolve to Support Augmented Reality

Oct 19 2015

As other AREA blog posts and pages on this website attest, Augmented Reality can be very beneficial but it doesn’t...

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The Augmented Reality Provider Landscape Shifts, Again

Oct 16 2015

Developers of Augmented Reality experiences select tools and technology for a project to match use case requirements. If the use...

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Augmented Reality Industry Leader: Bob Meads, CEO iQagent

Jun 26 2015

Today Christine Perey, Executive Director of the AREA, interviews Bob Meads, CEO of iQagent and member of the AREA board....

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DAQRI @ AWE 2015

Jun 4 2015

This post was previously published on the DAQRI blog and posted here with permission. As we head into Augmented World...

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Why Augmented Reality and Collaboration Make for a Safer and Better World

Apr 25 2015

Augmented Reality (AR)-enabled systems show a mechanic how to repair an engine, or perhaps in the future will guide an...

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Augmented Reality at CES 2015 is Better and Bigger Than Ever

Jan 21 2015

There’s something for everyone at CES. Do you need a way to store your earbuds so the cables aren’t tangled?...

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