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AREA Members at Augmented World Expo 2016

May 3 2016

If you only have a few days to get up to speed about the use of Augmented Reality to improve...

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Augmented Reality Boosts Efficiency in Logistics

Apr 6 2016

Fulfilling customer orders at a warehouse, or order picking, can be costly. A well-known study on warehouse management cited the...

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Data Visualization with 3D Studio Blomberg

Mar 24 2016

AREA member 3D Studio Blomberg (3DS) excels at visualization of data and especially at enterprise solutions for Augmented Reality. The...

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Augmented Reality in the Aerospace Industry

Mar 2 2016

There are many use cases for Augmented Reality in the aerospace industry and the leaders in this industry have a...

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Efficiency Climbs Where Augmented Reality Meets Building Information Management

Feb 15 2016

At Talent Swarm we envisage that by using pre-existing platforms and standards for technical communication, our customers will reach new...

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Advancing Toward Open and Interoperable Augmented Reality

Nov 8 2015

Enterprise Augmented Reality engineers and content managers who published experiences created with Metaio’s software tools have or will soon encounter...

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Enterprises Want to Use Wearables

Nov 3 2015

Many workplace scenarios require use of both hands to manipulate physical world objects. Having a display on the wrist or...

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AREA Members Accelerating Success with Augmented Reality

Nov 1 2015

Augmented Reality offers tremendous opportunity for organizations to improve workforce productivity and reduce human error through increased contextual awareness and...

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Augmented Reality’s Expanding Role in the Automotive Value Chain

Oct 26 2015

  Use Cases for the Factory Floor With successful conclusions of pilots and trials, Augmented Reality continues to move into...

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Google Glass 2.0—Primed for the Enterprise: Foldable, Rugged and Waterproof

Oct 20 2015

When it was introduced in February 2013, Google Glass 1.0 was far ahead of its time. Consumers and developers identified...

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