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AR Adds a New Dimension to Financial Trading and Analysis

Dmitry Parilov and Simon Raven
Jul 20 2017

AR/MR-assisted trading and data analysis platforms empower traders and investors with advanced fintech, which is capable of monitoring and visualizing...

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Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference 2017 Day One Recap

Apr 26 2017

This two-day Emerging Technologies event was organized by Chariot Solutions, an IT consulting company located in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. It included...

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Day 1 of DMDII Workshop Chicago March 1-2 2017

Mar 2 2017

With over 90 people and 45 companies present, the first day of the first Augmented Reality Requirements workshop was an...

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Press Release Lockheed Martin Joins The AREA

Dec 13 2016

Lockheed Martin Joins Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance Board Lockheed Martin Brings Industry Expertise to AREA Board of Directors to...

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