What is the AREA?

The AREA is an acronym that stands for Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance and is the only global member-driven trade organization focusing on reducing barriers to, and accelerating the smooth introduction and widespread adoption of Augmented Reality by and for professionals.

What is the organization’s mission?

The mission of the AREA is to help companies in all parts of the ecosystem to achieve greater operational efficiency through the smooth introduction and widespread adoption of interoperable AR-assisted enterprise systems.

How does the organization achieve its mission?

The AREA develops content and offers programs that improve the business environment for members and the public.

Our content presents AR and its enterprise uses and benefits in a vendor-neutral, quantitative and timely fashion. The content supports the introduction of AR and encourages the evaluation of AR-based visualization and communication in IT organizations of both member and non-member companies in all industries.

As we grow, our content and programs will also support training for IT professionals in the systems, projects, standards and tools relevant for high-quality AR (e.g., AR-based user experience design, AR publishing architectures and tracking). We plan to publish in-depth materials such as developer guides for use of AR-enabling technologies that are open and interoperable with existing, mainstream enterprise solutions. We establish committees through which our members collaborate on solutions to challenges and prepare recommendations.

Our recommendations and best practices will offer guidelines to those developing corporate policy for enterprise AR safety, security and quality.

Our programs include convening member and public meetings on topics concerning the smooth introduction and adoption of AR in enterprise, the adoption of open and interoperable interfaces and addressing challenges that face enterprise deployers and systems integrators.

We are developing a business acceleration platform composed of a database of recommended use cases by industry, a database of AR technology products and services and market research conducted in collaboration with international research publishing firms, using internal resources when and as needed.

The AREA will also have a research framework permitting co-funded, collaborative research and technology transfer initiatives in partnership with members and affiliated partner organizations.

New content and programs will be added in response to member needs.

Is the organization open for membership?

Yes, any commercial entity, non-commercial organization or government agency of any size can join the AREA by completing the membership application and agreement form and paying the membership dues. Our membership class definitions, benefits and fees are available publicly.

What steps are involved when joining the AREA?

When a new member signs the membership application and agreement form and sends it to us, the intake process begins.

AREA member services will:

  1. Have an authorized member of the AREA countersign the agreement.
  2. Return the countersigned agreement to you for your files.
  3. Issue an invoice for payment of the AREA membership fee.

In the period prior to receiving your payment, member services will issue another e-mail to the primary contact with: 

  1. The AREA’s standard policies, including but not limited to policies for:
    • Document archival
    • Financial practices
    • Whistleblower reporting
    • Conflict of interest resolution
  1. Our request for:
    • Return of signed Conflict of Interest policy (in its entirety). This will be requested annually.
    • A simple document summarizing five reasons your organization joined the AREA.
    • A completed member profile questionnaire on which we will base the member profile page on our website.
    • Illustrations (graphics) to accompany your profile page (and permission to use them).
    • Permission to use your logo in our materials.
  1. As soon as we receive membership fee payment in full, we will:
    1. Add your e-mail address, and the addresses of those you provide us, to the AREA members mailing list members@thearea.org and any requested committee mailing lists. If you are a Sponsor member, the primary contact will also be added to the board mailing list board@thearea.org.
    2. Create a member account for the primary contact and anyone else whom your primary contact approves, for access to our “members only” portal section where you will be able to access our committee materials and resources, as well as other programs.
    3. Create two accounts on Central Desktop for your organization. One is in the name of the primary organization contact and the other account is generic area-central-desktop@member-organization.org.
    4. Invite you to a briefing by the executive director about our collaboration tools and committees, and to participate in all AREA member meetings and programs.
    5. Create a member profile page and add your organization to all our materials including documents, website and presentations.
How is the AREA organized?

The AREA seeks to serve the needs of three AR ecosystem segments:

  • Customer organizations and users of enterprise AR
  • Providers of enterprise AR tools, technologies and complete solutions
  • Non-commercial entities involved in advancing their constituents or providing benefits to specific stakeholders

The customer segment consists of enterprises of all sizes, managers of cultural heritage sites, and other types of organizations that use AR-enabled technology to reduce costs, reduce operational risk and increase value and quality of its goods and services.

Providers are companies of any size that provide core enabling AR technology, AR tools, AR development and integration services to the customer segment exclusively or as any part of their portfolio. Communications services companies, providers of bespoke AR-assisted systems and solutions for enterprises and designers of content that can be used in AR experiences are also part of this segment.

Any company that designs, builds and/or sells directly or on an OEM basis the tools and technologies that can be used by AR experience developers (i.e., builders) and their IT customers are also providers and part of the enterprise AR tools and technology providers segment.

Non-commercial entities including universities and trade schools, civic, regional and national government agencies (and government-regulated agencies), are amplifying the impacts of AR by introducing the technology into specific industries, developing tools to train and increase the number of skilled professionals providing AR in enterprise and using AR for their own operations.

These three ecosystem segments benefit directly from the AREA technical knowledge, business acceleration and market development content and programs.

The AREA has an executive committee composed of a President, several Vice Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer elected from members of the Board of Directors. The Board is supported by professional staff that develops and maintains the AREA portal and delivers AREA programs to members and to the public at large.

We have formed a marketing committee, a research committee and a focusing on the development of recommendations for those developing and using hands-free personal displays. We envisage that there will be industry-specific member groups and local chapters, and that there can also be issue-specific committees. The AREA Sponsor members will chair committees.

What are the benefits of membership?

There are tangible and intangible membership benefits. By becoming members of the AREA, companies demonstrate that they are innovators and thought leaders globally and in their industry. They benefit from association with the brands of other AREA members and the respected brand of the association as a whole.

In addition, through their support of the AREA’s programs, members accelerate the development of AR-enabled solutions, reduce negative impacts due to unrealistically high expectations and confusion due to hype, and discover many benefits from participation in a community of like-minded providers and customers.

The AREA Sponsor members can appoint a representative to the AREA Board of Directors and may participate in high-impact, jointly designed and AREA-managed research projects as well as other programs.

Contributor members can access and contribute to AREA member-only content and programs for use in their internal informational and educational activities. Contributor members can request the establishment of industry-specific or regional AREA member chapters and have discounts on meetings of the AREA and partners, courseware and fee-based services.

Tangible Membership Benefits from AREA Products



Estimated Frequency

White Papers

High-quality, timely information and recommendations


Case Studies

High-quality, quantitative analyses of AR deployments in enterprise



High-quality, lower cost market analyses to assist members in strategic planning



Current information about AR tools and technologies, standards and open source projects

Continuously updated

Tangible Membership Benefits from AREA Services



Estimated Frequency

Meetings, public and member only

Knowledge acquisition and networking


Industry-specific and local AREA member committees

Knowledge sharing, business development with customers, suppliers, peers and experts

As needed

Speaker Bureau

Position members in speaking opportunities for promoting their company, AREA values, knowledge sharing and business development

Continuously updated

Business Marketplace

Quickly find and contact reliable business suppliers and customers

Continuously updated

Who are the current members?

The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) is the only global non-profit, member-based organization dedicated to widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems.

Sponsor members as of July 1, 2017 include Atheer, Augmate, The Boeing Company, Bosch, Contextere, DAQRI, Electric Power Research Institute, Huawei, Lockheed Martin, Newport News Shipbuilding, PEREY Research & Consulting, and Upskill.

Where is the organization located?

The AREA is a global organization, incorporated in the state of Delaware and with administrative offices in Massachusetts. Postal mail can be addressed to:

401 Edgewater Place Suite 600
Wakefield Massachusetts 01880
United States

How much does it cost to join the AREA?

The AREA would not be possible without the support of member companies who understand the necessity of advancing AR-assisted enterprise systems.

The AREA is supported through annual fees paid by members. The fees are calculated according to membership level and company size (based on gross annual revenues). For more information, consult the membership information page.

Are there different levels of membership?

There are four membership classes: Sponsor, Contributor, Non-commercial/academic and Affiliate. The AREA Board of Directors is composed of Sponsor and Contributor member representatives who guide the direction of the AREA and shape the vision, content and programs. To become a member, complete the membership application and agreement form.

All member levels are open.

What is the organization’s legal status?

The Augmented Reality Alliance Inc. is a Delaware Corporation doing business as (DBA) the AR for Enterprise Alliance. The Augmented Reality Alliance Inc. is applying for and expects to receive 501(c) 6 tax-exempt status as defined in the US Internal Revenue Code.