Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

Executive Summary

Wearable Enterprise AR Security Report Executive Summary

In response to growing concerns, previously documented in this series of blog articles, regarding the risks of deploying Augmented Reality (AR) solutions in enterprise environments to enterprise data security, the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) commissioned the first in-depth study of security-related issues that could impact the deployment and widespread adoption of wearable enterprise AR solutions.

AREA members are now able to benefit from the research results through use of two exclusive reports. The first, entitled Wearable Enterprise AR Security – Risks and Management, offers a validated, comprehensive approach for assessing data vulnerabilities and formulating risk mitigation plans. The second report, Wearable Enterprise AR – Security Framework and Test Protocol, provides a structured framework for AREA members to characterize the security threats associated with wearables and to assess major vulnerabilities against that framework. The test protocol also identifies key metrics for measuring real-world risks.

Both full reports are available exclusively to AREA members. To learn more about becoming a member and the benefits of membership, please contact Mark Sage, the AREA Executive Director.

To download the executive summary, including the key findings published in the first AREA research report, please provide the following information: